TUF:Recruiting Warriors Needed For Battle


Surely there must be some warriors who savor bracket 1 guild wars. Come join the Power Gems as we return there next week.


Power Gems is raising ranks soon to 500k gold to increase our number of legendaries. Who wants to fight in bracket 1 next week. Hoping to find high GW candidates.


Bumping again… check us out :sunglasses:


TUF recruiting. There is a guild for every level of player.
#3 Unrepentant, #40 Abaddon, #44 Power Gems and Purgatory.
Battle win Power Gems in Bracket 1.
Come join a great family.


Bracket 1 guild wars team TUF:Power Gems looking for recruits. See the discord above. Only 500k gold/1300 seals/150 trophies 45k+ GW preferred.


It’s that time of the week again. We have a few members switching around in our family of guilds. We will have 1 spot open. Come join us!


TUF Recruiting.
Come join the fun and battle with a great bunch of players.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of a wonderful family.


Come join TUF Power Gems in bracket 1.
Join our super guild. Dont miss out on this great opportunity.


Who wants bracket 1 GW next week. Come on over to TUF:Power Gems.


Any 50K GW warriors ready for bracket 1? Millions in gold await a new recruit.

Any questions, come here for answers:


Who will stand with us in bracket one next week. Join TUF:Power Gems today.


Looking for 2 warriors. We dropped from bracket 1 (lost by 1400) when a member had a family emergency and couldn’t play, but we will back there soon. Come with us for the ride.


looking for 2 neato-frito warriors !!


another bump needed !


TUF Power Gems looking for 1 warrior. Come join a wonderful family and guild and fight your wars with us.


TUF Power Gems looking for someone to join our family.
Don’t delay , join today.


TUF Power Gems looking for 1-2 mighty warriors to join our family. Come be part of a wonderful guild . http://discord.gg/Zj9dVhz


Glory packs 300 glory. event keys packs 180 glory. Joining a Neato-Frito guild…PRICELESS!
Join TUF:Power Gems 500k/1300s/150t, http://discord.gg/Zj9dVhz


time to bump it up :smile:


Looking for a Neato-Frito guild? Then you’re in luck! TUF: Power Gems need 2 players after guild wars. Plan your move today, 500k/1300s/150t, http://discord/.gg/Zj9dVhz