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Trying to report my suspicion

if anyone have ever watched or saw the people in ladder. you can always saw two duo in the ladder week after week. though many believe theyare botting there are barely any proof.
something is weird happening on position #7 this week. since this morning my time. he seems to be on a losing streak. i found this very suspicious since NO HUMAN with sane mind gonna keep on playing a losing game again and again.

currently his score is 298 wins and 220 lose. 7hours ago he was at 298wins and 120 ish lost. 3 hours ago he was at 298 win and 180 lost.
i’m pretty sure of this since i have been tracking him for a whole day.
which means he is in a losing streak for hours. this is very2 weird. unless he is botting there are no other explanation why he keep on losing for hours nonstop. i’m gonna keep on checking before i go to sleep andtry to update this

What part of “no public callouts” is so damn hard to understand? :confused:

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oh idk sorry~~ where can i report then? maybe i can change the name? to position?

Send a private message to @Sirrian and/or @Nimhain. Posting threads like this in public encourages witch hunting, which is unconstructive at best and blatantly unfair at worst (in cases of false accusation).

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Seems odd


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“How do you know she’s a witch?”

“She turned me into a newt!”

“A newt?”

“I got better.”


Also the terms of service say “no discrimination”. You can’t think of bots as being different than anything else.

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Bot Lives Matter!


is it humanely possible to play a game each 4minute? each week?? without rest?

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It shouldnt be. God help those that do it

Appears civility is beyond some people’s grasp. How sad.

Whatchoo talking bout Willis?

Yes, it is possible,as it is also possible to play a game in 1 minute. We have seen tacet pull it off before.

there was a thread asking for someone to lose all the battles they can…

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I am in that thread too.

But the person in question would likely not do that. And they are too high ranked for that to do anything to their score, and I wouldn’t be able to get any information from that.

you can lose on purpose super fast go in game press esc and retreat. if you want to do it on purpose.
i have been watching his losing streak it happens in once every 3=5minute. not directly piling up. 10 at a time or anything like that.
from what i saw it means his bot are programmed to repeat every few minute or so. AND a few minutes after my report on him, for some reason he stopped playing until several hours when i woke up from my sleep. he seems to play one pvp and lose again. 6hours ago he was at 221 and stopped, he is currently at 222 lost now. still no win.

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From the data given, it is too soon to assume he is a bot, especially if he “shut down”. Could be a child or something. I know that when playing hard, if i get consecutive wins, i get the “ai’s revenge battle”. This battle is completely unfair to the player. Your opponent’s stats are in the 40 to 60 and there is only move you can make, and it leads to the opponent getting the 1 minute kill.

what are you talking about he have 200 losing streak!! whats the connection with revenge game