Trying another Theory Craft

Hello lovely fellow players :heart:.

For the past days i’ve noticed alot of Gobtruffle teams in PVP, and somehow they don’t feel very impressive to me to be perfectly honest. I have to note that i’m using the Cedric/Egg thief meta team in PVP mostly and they seem to destroy those teams so far…

But it did get me thinking about a Gobtruffle team of my own…
"How hard can i spam disease & Poison to all enemies?"

As stated in the title, this is a theory-craft (mostly because i miss some essential troops for this build).
This way i can work towards a team that seems alot of fun to me in the (near) future.

HERO (Plaguelord) /w Mountain Crusher
You’re hero is somewhat tanky by nature, and mountain crusher is without a doubt one of the best mana-generating weapons (if not the best in particular). But it’s the class that gives it it’s niche.
1st talent: Inflict stun when taking skull damage
2nd talent: Gain 2 Magic if using a Hammer
3rd talent: Disease a random enemy on 4 or 5 Gem matches
4th talen: Start battles with 50% Mana
5th Talent: Gain a Barrier when matching Brown Gems
6th talent: Gain bonus Brown Mana from Brown Gem matches
7th talent: Immune to Stun, Poison, Disease, Death Mark and Devour

The talents are not set in stone… I realise that i chose offensive talents over defensive talents most of the time. And the only things that give somewhat of a bulk are the 5th and 7th talent wich are higher level class talents…

Plague Rat
Explode brown gems (lesser variant of the mountain crusher) while poisoning and diseasing 2 enemies

God what do i need to say about this? This is without a doubt the “mascot” of this team. Tho it might be squishy, the acceptable mana cost for exploding the board for mana, and inducing both statusses to enemies is godly. Wether Plague Rat is squichy or not, firing it off only once comes with all the benefits to make up for that.

And our next troop will make very very very good use of that :japanese_goblin:

King Gobtruffle
Here he is! The one that made me come up with the team so far. Again; this is a theorycraft for fun, i’m not expecting this to be meta in any way possible, it’s a synergized team that i would like to use later on for my own pleasure.

This troop pretty much speaks for itself; It deals damage to all enemies, and creates Green & Brown gems in the process boosted by diseased & poisoned enemies, and to top it off, even if it misfires… it’s a goblin! So it even get’s an extra turn(!!)
The brown an green mana it generates goes directly into the hero and the Plaguerat. And with plaguerat’s mana cost being acceptable, all excess green mana pours right back into Gobtruffle.

It’s 3rd trait is a given, disease an enemy on any 4- or 5-match

Again a troop that get’s boosted by every poisoned and diseased enemy when damaging the entire opposite team and applying both effects on any enemy that doesn’t have them already. Being a purple troop it is not mana blocked by the others and get’s filled up with every explosion the first 2 troops create.

Magnus is in last place since Plague Rat is to squichy and Gobtruffle to essential.


For the time being i don’t own Gobtruffle and Magnus yet, but on paper the potential is obvious. How this team works in realtime is still unknown for me. If anyone is feeling gimmicky and wants to give this team a try, please do! I would very much appreciate any type of feedback regarding this build.

And as always…
Thanks to all the beautiful people taking the time to reading/trying this :heart:

The team probably works but my guess is it’s just not as consistent as the meta Gobtruffle team.

Once the meta team gets its first load of mana, the opponent might not get a free turn. This is a bit conditional at the start. You have to get a good Forest Troll cast at first. But it goes something like this:

  • Forest Troll generates 20+ mana and gives you a free turn.
  • Gobtruffle does his thing, and the green/black he generates makes big matches and he gives you a free turn.
  • You now likely have a lot of green on the board. Maraji Queen can turn that into Doomskulls for a devastating hit and a free turn. If not, Forest Troll is likely to give you a free turn, go back to the start of the loop.
  • Or you now have a lot of brown on the board. Doomed Glaive can turn that into Doomskulls for a devastating hit and a free turn, and Forest Troll plus gobtruffle will likely be filled.

It works consistently because it “grooms” the board to make it very likely you only have green and black at any given time. If you do end up passing the turn, odds are the opponent wants different colors and can’t get them. The main thing that trips it up is if the board starts with a green drought and you can’t get Forest Troll to connect then the engine doesn’t really start.

So your team hits the “disease and status effects” mark really well. But you don’t really have a reliable way to generate loops and 4-matches. Explosions are fun and generate mana, but it’s all up to luck whether you get a 4-match afterwards. Magnus can be unreliable, too. You’re always hoping for the “impactful” ailments like Freeze or Silence, but you’re just as likely to get an effect like “I decided to entangle the last enemy”. Burn and poison are minor in the grand scheme, Web is situational, etc.

That said, I could see myself playing a team like this way back when I was in midgame and maybe lacked a piece or two of the meta team. I’m sure it works, and has matches where it really goes off!

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I like it better switching the Doomed Hero with Lepreuchan, it helps winning most battles in your first turn (and having a good laugh at Ishbaala/Qilin and AW/Avelorn defenses).

Yeah, I feel like there are a few sensible options for the 4th slot, they all make some kind of trade. Leprechaun gives you a more reliable start in return for you lose “I can turn either black OR green into doomskulls”.

Has anybody tried Turtle Cannon instead of Forest Troll up front? Would seem to provide a faster start for mana generation, at the risk of getting stuck later in the round if there aren’t enough skulls on the board.

EDIT: I changed my mind :slightly_smiling_face:


Re: Magnus, I mathed it out and he’s got roughly a 60% chance of applying a helpful status on 4+ matches. Not great. But he gets devastating as the statuses get concentrated on fewer troops. I could see him being a candidate for the 4th slot on a Gobtruffle team.

In the team that I’m using this week I put Obsidius in 4th spot and I’m really liking it for its third trait