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True things about Gems of War

You have to admit that Infernus is hot stuff. But if you put him in a battle, he gets so mad he has to blow his top!

The Queen of Freeze takes the starch out of him pretty quickly. He gets too cold, he just lies there on the battlefield like the lump of lava he is.

But isn’t it just a bad steriotype,
women cold as ice, queens of solitude?
But then she arrives, an empress with attitude.
Bedazzling performer from Leonis Empire.
Ishbaala! Dancing to rekindle Infernus fire!


Undine is an asshole.

techn9ne’s mother was a rhynax…dont ask who the father was :sunglasses:

Cyrup likes Penglong, but she isn’t very strong. Instead she keeps getting webbed and ending up dead.


The Wild Queen is the honey badger of GoW.

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