🏆 Gem Busters is Recruiting 🏆

We are an upcoming Guild (29/30). Slowly climbing the ranks. Currently Champion V (140% Gold Bonus)
We all work together, to achieve for one another.
We are not interested in high-pressure minimums… been there, done that!

Our rules:
You must Participate in all things and earn Trophies for the Guild.
You must Contribute Gold to Tasks.
You must bank your Seals.
There are currently no minimums. We just ask that you Participate & Contribute.
That’s it!

If you are interested in joining a friendly low-pressure Guild please reply below :grinning:

We currently have 1 vacancy.

PC/Mobile or The consoles? That will help you guys find who ever wants to join you

Also consider changing your category to guild recruitment. It will help people find you.

Thanks guys, moved to PC/Mobile