Trophy/achievement for complete collection (bad idea, maybe one for troops?)

For a future update: a trophy/achievement for completing your collection: obtaining all troops, weapons, pets, team slots and banners. This would probably generate some revenue too.

That would have to be far far away in the future, because they still add stuff weekly to the game, so it’s never complete…

Not really, you can complete the collection ar any given time. Subsequent troops etc. do not count once you have achieved 100%.

There’s a lot of weapons & pets that can only be bought with money now so this shouldn’t be implemented.
Maybe a singular one for troops/banners
Team slots are gated behind VIP levels as well.

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I suspect an achievement that requires you to spend $10000 on VIP 20 to get all team slots might not be received well.


I have all team slots and am not vip 20, the warbands count but don’t add to the total I think. And nobody forces you to go for that trophy, it’s a nice bonus for long-term players, investors and completionists.

Then you don’t have all team slots, just a broken counter.

Uh, any chance you are new to gaming?

Weirdly when they changed the counters recently it put the total to whatever your current VIP level is. But if you gain another level then the counter exceeds the maximum (like paid pets).
So everyone will likely have different max team slots on their collection.
Don’t know why I mentioned that, just weird is all. /shrug

It’s not just the team slot counter, some of the other counters also feel like someone struggling with basic math and failing repeatedly. There have been some patch attempts the past months, which usually resulted in different incorrect numbers getting shown.

It’s against (at least) Xbox ToS to make achievements cost money to obtain, I think.

It would likely be a nightmare for the devs to suddenly need to make reasonably-available all the items that currently aren’t to satisfy legal.

Similar on Playstation, i think.
Thank god, sorry - but i hate this trophy idea.
Most of the trophies in past were from ok to good, maybe one of the best dev skills :wink:

Yeah, a solid NO for this idea, since it involves paying cash. At no time should there be a paywalled achievement in a free to play game.

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How about we dial this back a bit and just ask for a craft Zuul’Goth trophy/achievement first? Then they could go through the other boss troops over time.

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Really surprised this hasn’t been added for crafting Zuul, since it has been so long since he was available now.

Weird that there is a trophy/achievement for the much more inferior Xathenos and not Zuul :upside_down_face: :laughing:


Maybe instead of collect every troop (which will only get harder as time goes on) have an achievement for collect 1000 differert troops? This will get easier as time goes on.


Please provide proof that you have all current achievements unlocked otherwise withhold any suggestions until you do please.

Xathenos can be crafted by pure grind. Zuulgoth will forever be (outside of first place in events) earned from RNG. That has to be the distinction.

(Both troops can be bought more or less so they cancel each other out in that respect.)

I almost made it. Just needed Plague which finally appeared in the Soulforge on Nov 15, but that was when all the Nexus stuff was added, so it will be a while before I can complete my collection again. I’d be happy with a trophy for 1000 different mythic troops.


I got there in the end.


Complete again. Dragonite gnome was the last. I agree it’s a bad idea for a trophy, but what about one for 1000 (or all) troops at level 20 or for collecting 1000 (or all) troops?