Trophies for Guild Events

An offer to increase the number of trophies per guild game. 1. Three-day guild event - 700 trophies each upon reaching the last stage. Awarded to each guild player. In total, the full guild will receive 21,000 trophies. 2. Weekly event - 2000 trophies each. There are 60,000 trophies in total. 3. Guild War - the first place in the first basket receives 8000 trophies for each participant, then in accordance with the awards table adopted for the guild War. 4. Tower of trouble - the first place gets 20 thousand trophies to each member of the guild. Next are the first 100 guilds, according to the existing diamond rewards table.

Such a scheme will speed up changes in the guild ranking and will reflect the current state of affairs. Now it takes 2 or even 3 years to get into the TOP 25. The current rating does not reflect the state of affairs.
It will also dramatically increase the attractiveness of guild events, which are not very popular in the TOP guilds right now.

Such an update is very simple.