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Troops You Forget Exist?

I was going through me troops list the other day, just scrolling through them all whenever I get bored to think of some fun team ideas to keep things interesting. No matter how many times I go through it, there’s a few troops that catch my eye, and I’m just thinking each time, “Who the hell is this?!”

Eventually, the, “Oh yeah, I remember now,” moment will hit me, but it never fails. It is an eye-opener to the troops that I NEVER see used. There are troops that are rarely used, and troops that are only used on specific teams (like the tower and raid troops), and there are troops that I’ve seen maybe once, twice, or even thrice whilst doing PVP. But THESE are troops that I genuinely forget exist:


I’m just curious to see what other troops are forgotten habitually, and if there are any OTHER troops that I’ve simply “forgotten” from my list of forgotten troops.

Spiritdancer and Lord Ember

Lord Ember especially seems like he should be able to find a home on some team, as a converter that also boosts magic!

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I can see Spiritdancer being forgotten a lot. Lord Ember is someone I don’t see much, but I still see him every now and then.

About 480 of them :smiley:


That’s true, but I was hoping for a bit more specific of an answer lol. +10 for your profile pic!

Mountain Crusher (with Dragonguard)
Lord Ember

That is my go-to pure dragon team. With a successful extra turn on Lord Ember you get a guaranteed +2 magic on everyone and potentially +6 on Worldbreaker.

Have you considered TDS in this team? My dragon team tends to be mountain crusher/TDS/divinia/TWB, or for something more offensive, TDS/divinia/DB/TWB. It only tends to lose to ubastet.

I wish I had something to add, but there’s over 400 troops I’ve completely forgotten about.


Good ol’ Roc. Nothing beats that!



Aziris. But no, sorry, he’s too ridiculous to forget, just an anecdote with his spell.

Musketeer. Or Hammerhead. Or Ship Cannon. Or Giant Crab.

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I play Arena a lot, so I have scope for regular reminders of the existence of all Commons, Rares and Ultra Rares… some of them I might even cast, rather than have them just watch as I charge and cast Dawnbringer…

Can’t say the same for the dozens of now-useless Epics, Legendaries and Mythics…


Theres plenty you probably forget exist, for example, filler troops like Claw Dancer or Hind, who I remember only as examples of troops that were extremely underpowered by previous years standards at the time they were released. If we are talking base rarity Epic and up, you’d still have a ton to work with.

I’m most interested in the potentially useful troops that just kinda get pushed to the wayside. For example, I just used Acolyte in a team today for the first time in probably a couple years. Granted, I was tasked with using Karakoth troops and 3 brown, and the team wasn’t really “good” because of that, but he chained with Dark Troll much better than I thought he would (having a darkstorm out probably helped with that, though) and gained massive stats.

I use Spiritdancer in my Arachnean Weaver setup, by the way - Spirit Fox/SpiritDancer/Weaver/Queen Titania (or another purple using faerie fire source, but I prefer Titania to the other 2). You don’t open with Fox, its a meat shield until you can fill Spiritdancer, at which point removing yellow makes aligning a convert to green easier or you can use it to suppress enemy mana. With Faerie Fire and Spirit Fox, you can set up staggered lethal damage on the rear two troops which allows you to chain explode Weaver until everyone dies. If Fox dies, you’ll get an opportunity to create a leafstorm from either another Fox or a Webspinner being summoned, which helps chain the explodes (and sets up favorable conditions for Webspinner as well).