Troops you didn't have at level 1,000

Hey everyone, I just got to level 1,000 (yay!) and looking through my troop list, these are the non-mythic troops I’m still missing:

  • Infernal King
  • DRACOS 1337
  • Forest Guardian
  • Kraken
  • Imp of Love

Infernal King is the one that bothers me the most since he’s been in the game longer than I have. The rest are pretty recent so I’m not surprised I don’t have them yet. And the Imp, well, maybe next week?

To those of you over level 1,000, I’m curious to know what non-mythic troops you were still missing when you hit 4 digits.

Update: I’ve now got all the legendaries except for… Infernal King! (@level 1046).

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Well I am level 800+ and I have every base non mythic troop.


I had all of the troops when I hit level 1000 but back then there were no limits on the amount of gems/keys a guild could produce each week and the pool was much smaller and made it a little easier to obtain specific troops.
After saying that; May RNG be kind to you and give you all that you lack! @JapanGamer29

And congrats on reaching the level 1000 milestone :fireworks:


I unlocked my last random base legendary in the high 700s and my last epic in the low 700s, and after that, I’ve managed to keep my collection full on event weeks. When I was close, I funneled all my gems into opening event keys at the appropriate time (this was pre base Mythics) and I unlocked Crimson Bat, Venoxia, Goblin King, and a couple others this way. Infernal King was close to the last one obtained randomly (either 2nd or 3rd to last if memory serves), with my last one being Hydra, which I finally got from glory keys just two weeks before the Wild Plains event (Winged Bison, not the last one). I had much much less resources back then, but also didn’t have to worry about new legendaries being event key only drops, so a pool of 600-800 gems every two weeks was enough to (slowly) move toward a full collection, and by the time we did need more, the guild also stepped up pace significantly.

You still might want to consider doing whatever you can for a little extra chance at Infernal King this week. Even if you are out of/saving gems, keep in mind you can still get Event Keys in the spoils of war pack for 180 glory a pop, and glory isn’t all that hard to get by comparison. Even though the chance at Infernal King from an Event Key is (by my estimates) about 1 in 84 at this point, from glory keys it will be less than 1 in 6000. So good luck, and congrats on hitting 1k.

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I have all the troops that are not base mythic, since level 500 i thinks. Top performance guild results on that. As for base mythic, no matter what someone does, they are just not obtanable for everyone.

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Congrats on “pulling a Mr. Sammy”.

I have all troops except two mythics. But I’m at 1139 now. I don’t remember what the count was at 1000.


Good tip about “spoils of war”, thanks. :slight_smile:

Grats. And my case
Imp of love

  • Gard and Aby (Mythic)
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Imp of Love and Spring Imp. Just hit 1000 this week.

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About to hit 800 and only missing Mythics but I’ve been playing since the beginning so that’s not that surprising (it’s more surprising I’m not level 1000+ yet lol)

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Grats on reaching level 1000!

When I hit level 1000, non base mythic I didn’t have was some Imps, Keeper of Souls and Sylvanimora.

Level 1171 now, I’m still missing Imp of love, Spring Imp, Summer Imp, War, Wulfgarok, and Pharos Ra. But again I just played this game for 6 months.

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I’m on console and I’ve had them all since about level 250. Got the mythics as they were added because I hoarded.

Seeing changes months ahead of time because my gf plays on mobile definitely gave me an edge on that.

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If you’re interested I can confirm he’s in chests now (pulled one on Friday).
On topic: I think I had all the troops when I hit lvl 1000. I’m not sure only about base Mythics, because they were introduced around that time (and I had bad luck in the beginning). 2 things though:

  1. It was, as someone mentioned, before guild rewards nerf (in reference to gems and glory keys I mean)
  2. For some months prior I spent quite a lot on Event keys when my missing Legendary were available there.

Congrats on reaching 1000 :slight_smile:

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Currently have the full set. Was missing Maw until about level 800 but that was about it. Been lucky so far I guess

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Dracos 1337. Probably could have gotten him from event chests but thought he was crap and didn’t care. Eventually got him from a legendary task drop.

Still missing War, Plague, Spring Imp, and Imp of Love. Pretty sure I’ll get the latter two and pretty resigned to never having the former two.

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