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Troops with Stealthy trait shouldnt be able to be charmed

If a troop above or below them is charmed, of course they must receive damage but not directly charmed. A stealthy troop is meant to not be seen by enemy. Just make no sense to see Wisp charm them.


It’s only Wisp or other charming troops too?

All charming troops. There is not that much. I talked about Wisp because it is the annoying troop of now. But I understand the devs with this strategy to release from time to time totally unbalanced weekly troops. Personally I disagree but its their game. If they released only boring weekly troops, it would also be a problem… I guess if they dont wait 3 months to nerf it, why not…

Some they nerf, some they don’t.

About Stealth, there’s also a problem with your Stealth troop being opaque to you. You can cast Effects on it but it looks grayed out.

stealthy prevent being manually target. so far all charm units are random target, mean that it work just like non-targetted spell like random, strongest, weakest, last, first etc. it is working as intended. if someday they make a unit with manual target charm, as in “charm an enemy” in the text, then you got your wish.

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I may potentially be wrong…
… But Submerged can have this feature in the future.

It makes the troop untargetable form AoE. Maybe it will leave the troop untargetable even for Random Targeting.

Hmm…But random targeting is not the same as AoE targeting.


Im aware of all that and still believe this is not normal. Its a random target on only 1 troop. Not all 4 troops. Randomly targeting one troop shouldnt be possible against stealthy troops because enemy dont see these troops. Thats the principle of Stealthy.

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in some other game concept, yes. but in gow, it works as intended. gow works with their own mechanics. like their frozen, silence, poison and mana burn are not the same with other games.

but at least now wisp can charm stealthy means that you can spread more damage, so you don’t die quickly. what i mean by that is when you have troop 1, 2 and 4 stealthy but troop 3 is not, wisp spell will only target troop 3, killing troop 2 and 4 faster. unless you want stealthy can be randomly targeted but immune to the effect. but that just make stealthy op. interesting. i like op.

It was worth a thought.