Troops with multiple options

It would be nice when a troop has more then one option (for example create 10 red gems or destroy 10 red gems) that when you click one of the two images, it will cast that spell (or that both images have the cast button)

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To clarify: You mean that instead of having to click “Cast” from the spell page and THEN click again on which variation you want to cast, the Troop would instead have TWO spell pages (one for each variation) so you just tab over to the desired page and click “Cast” from there?

That … is actually a great idea! The current “two click” method for casting a Choose spell is rather cumbersome.

Not to be confused with...

There was a previous topic asking if most/all “random” spells could be changed to “choose” spells. Because, y’know, we all want Dullahan to be able to CHOOSE whether it should kill its first Ally or the first Enemy. There couldn’t possibly be anything wrong with that, right?

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Yeah those troops are cool