Troops with flavorsome spells

When Ketras came out there had been some comments that his spell doesn’t match his description very much as an axe-swinging bull who “with every swing of his axe, can sweep aside a dozen lesser foes.” That got me thinking: “Which troops’ spells do fit the best with their image/description?”

I personally do like an imagery of Abhorath spell as he devours everything - the ground, trees, water in an attempt to quench his eternal hunger. But it never goes away and he grows ever angrier (attack bonus). After his lashing out battlefield is changed so much it becomes unrecognizable.

Other good fits are Alchemist who tries to turn different substances into gold and Raven - a sneaky git who isn’t that good in a fight but loves stealing a kill.

What troops do you find flavorsome?

Wulfgarok - Fangs and Claws. Does what it says on the tin.

The only minor issue is that it should maybe be Claws and Fangs.

Disclaimer: Wulfgarok is definitely my favorite troop.


Jarl Firemantle.
His spell really brings out the crazed Fire Giant that just wants to watch the world burn: Firestorm on the board paired with his manic laughter and his trait burning troops left and right.

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Krys and TDS (but I’m biased coz I love using dragons) Krys as it’s flavor text is Shiny! And it removes gems. TDS is Fallen Stars and that makes sense as well as well it detonates the board! Same also applies for Gorgotha as his spell is doomstones. He’s basically dooming some of the gems to explode!

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