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Troops upgrade in the future maybe

Do you think there will be a higher upgrade in the future. Above mythic.because I don’t like getting rid of my extra troops.

Several devs have mentioned that they disenchanted their troops as well saying that It would not be healthy for the game.

The first time around you took essentially trash (the extra troops that you could never use in game) with a very low value and suddenly gave a premium to them, rewarding players for hoarding things that were pointless to hoard before ascension was even mentioned.

In the future the goal would be for everyone to start on an even playing field from 0 if they were to add something new.

So take all that for what you will.

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Short answer: Very unlikely.

Long answer: The devs are the only ones who can answer that question to any degree of satisfaction, and even they probably don’t know what future-selves will envision. That being said, if they decide to raise the level ceiling for troops and they decide to do so by adding sacrifice tiers, expect a very unhappy community. My guess is that, if they do decide to allow for growth beyond Mythic (Ultra-Mega-Mythic, Super-Duper-Mythic, I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Mythic), they’ll introduce a new currency to enable it.

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They would also be wise to inform us asap or risk being accused of misleading the players.

Nothing kills a game faster than a playerbase losing faith in the development team

My system for disenchanting:

Sort list by amount
Ignore mono-color troops, these are base commons and I don’t bother
Any troop with over 26 i click disenchant
If it is base rare (green) or ultra-rare (blue), I disenchant down to 4
If it is base epic (purple), I disenchant to 26
If it is base legend (gold), I disenchant to 11 (this hasn’t happened)

This way if they release another tier, my base epics and legends will have enough to ascend. The rare and ultra-rare I’d get enough via glory keys in time.

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Great idea thanks for this Rasper

My system for disenchanting:

Remember the time they said we’d never need more than 4 of a troop.

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I keep 8 in case they roll out a system whereby we need multiple teams, but I don’t expect a new level of Ascension.

If anything, I’d assume they’d introduce some new way of upgrading existing cards that incorporates an Arcane Traitstone-like item. Maybe a permanent Magic stat buff or a more powerful version of a spell or something like that.

But I also assume that’s a long way off given what we know about the development plans and how much manual work it would take to apply a system like that to hundreds of troops.

If they roll out tasks on pc/app then it might be beneficial to save troops for such a task.

Last time I disenchanted, I kept 250 of everything (not including epics and legendaries) and still managed to generate around 75,000 souls. I’d been saving them for a long time.