Troops that can summon troops that can summon troops!

While slaying mighty enemy troops in the Tower of Doom, I killed The Dragon Soul, which has a 50% chance to become a Baby Dragon with full mana on death. That Baby Dragon transformed into a Matron Dragotani, which has a 25% chance to summon a Dragonette on death. The fun ends there, of course, because Dragonette does not have a chance to summon anything further.

Matron Dragotani, Sylvanimora, and Dragotaur all have the Dragon Boon trait: 25% chance to summon Dragonette on death.

The Dragon Soul is the only troop with a chance to become a Baby Dragon with full mana on death. Dragon Eggs have the trait Spawn which is a 25% chance to summon a Baby Dragon on death, but it doesn’t have full mana. Egg Thief can directly summon Dragon Eggs with her ability, but they aren’t full mana either.

Then there are the Fell Roost troops which summon each other. Nocturnia’s ability has a 20% chance to summon a Fell Dragon Egg, which is pretty bad, but its main ability is to deal true heavy splash damage and burn and disease the targets, so that’s forgivable.

Nocturnia also has the ‘The Dragon Soul’ counter-trait Hidden Nest. It has a 50% chance to spawn a Fell Dragon Egg with full mana on death. Fell Dragon Egg only summons Fell Roost troops though, whereas Dragon Eggs summon a Baby Dragon, which can transform into a random dragon (although it only costs 8 mana – less than the cost for Dragon Eggs to summon it!)

Drake Rider is a pretty unique Dragon troop because he has a 100% chance to summon the Drake dragon troop when he dies.

And then the last two are Krystenax, which can summon a Silver Drakon with its ability, and Essencia, which can summon 1-3 Dragon Spirits.

You could have a scenario where you start with Gar’Nok, who summons a random Orc, which could be Drake Rider, who in turn summons Drake when he dies.

As more troops enter the game as time goes on, expect to see more of this fun stuff – all the better to keep those stuns around! :wink:

Not a summon-on-death, but I often use 2x Angry Mob in delves that allow it: cheap to fill, generates a lot of mana, and if one of them gets whacked the other one can reinstate it so that you don’t lose the “with all troops” points.

(Pyggra too, although it has a lower and thus much more frustrating summon chance.)