Troops' Skills (Casting Abilities)

So, I literally searched the entire forum but I found that no one mentioned the troops skills yet.

So far, I clearly understand the Burn, Poison and Tangle (in case mana drain), but I can’t quite understand the freezing or disease skill. What they exactly do? the enemy is still able to use skulls/skills and he isn’t even losing HP, so what’s the use of that? I already got the new dragon for the current event which hits 2 points for all enemies with a chance to disease them all but then what? I observed no changes in any of their HP/MP/Guard.

Thanks in advance. It’d be really nice if there is a guide explains all this to newbies, and if there is then I’d gladly if someone submitted the link! :sweat: :grinning:

Disease halves mana accumulation, rounded up.

Freeze prevents extra turns from that troop’s abilities and prevents extra turns from their colors. If they are the lead troop it also prevents extra turns from skulls.


Halves mana accumulation by half as they charge their abilities slower than the usual rate? Did I get that right? and about the Freeze, prevents extra turn in case they got 4 gems match? It’s kinda confusing to be honest, but thanks, I might make a thread about those.

If you have a troop with the condition inflicted on it, you can click on the troop and see what the status does.

Freezing, prevents extra turns from the frozen unit, or from match 4+ using the same color as the unit. If the front unit is frozen, it will prevent extra turns from 4+ skull matches.

Disease reduces the mana a diseased troop gains from matches. I’m not yet clear by how much, perhaps someone else will know.

@MrSammy started a Wiki. It’s still a pretty new resource so its being filled in as he can.
: GoW WIKI - Here!

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Yup, it’s as I understood then. Alright! Thanks a lot! :sunglasses:

disease said 50% - so instead of getting 4 for a 4 match, you get 2. if you get a +2 bonus and a 3 - your troop would get 3. (2+3 = 5 1/2 of 5 is 2.5 round up is 3)

In addition to what has been said so far, I would recommand to activate the “show detailed info” option if you haven’t.

This helps see what happens with mana generation. Coupled with the description of the disease status effect, you might have found one of your answers by yourself :wink:

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