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Troop types/Races and their traits

Ok, so here’s and idea to sum up, what are more characteristic abilities/traits aligned to each troops types. This might be usefull to some new players. I’m not saying, it’s always, the case, but most of troops of the type, will have some special characteristics.

so here we go:
Boss - can be hit by godsalyer troops for tripple damage, usually powerfull troops
Centuar - Destroy Row with spell/Armor Pierce trait(chance to deal true damage with skulls)
Construct - Stoneskin trait (-50% skull damage taken)
Daemon - Fireproof trait(immunity to burn and fairy fire)/Infernal Armor trait (25% skull damage taken is reflected back)
Divine- Revered trait (all alies gain +2 random skill point)
Dragon - they rather dont share similiar traits or spells, they usually have high armor/life stats compared to other troops types of same rarity
Dwarf - Fortitude trait (immune to lots of status effects, Death Mark and Devour mechanics)
Elf - One of Ancestry traits (Wood, Dark, High, Sky)
Fey - Feys from Glacial Peaks usualy have Freeze effect on their spell. Feys from Bright Forest usualy have Fairy Fire on their spell.
Giant - Big trait (gain +1 life on matching 4) or Huge trait (gian +2 life on matching 4)
Gnome - chance to run away when casting spell
Goblin - Extra turn on casting spell.
Knight - One of skull damge reducing traits (Armored, Holy Armor, Aegis), sometimes even Stoneskin…
Mech - Armored (25% skull damage reduction), Repair (gain 1 armor on matching 4), Impervious (immune to all status effects)
Merfolk - Apply Submerge on cast.
Mystic - Arcane trait (gain 1 magic on ally cast) or Mana Shield trait (immune to Mana Burn, Mana Drain and Mana Steal)
Naga - Venomous trait (Poison enemies when doing Skull damage) or Poison Enemy as additional spell effect
Orc - Orc Fury trait (gain 3 attack when taking damage), Orc Armor trait (gain 5 armor when taking damage) or Orc Cunning trait (gain 2 magic when taking damage)
Raksha - spell damage boosted by Enemy Life/Armor
Rogue - Greedy trait (gain 2 gold on matching 4)
Stryx - Summon gemstorm on cast, or deal amplified spell damage if storm is present
Tauros - Deal spell damage boosted by unit Life, Armor and Attack
Undead - Undying trait (immune to Poison, Diesease and Death Mark), Usually Undead troops have higher armor than life
Urska - Gain Enrage on cast or Spell damage boosted by Enrage status
Wildfolk - Agile trait (20% chance to dodge skull damage)

and some extra types, that aren’t official:
Gnoll - Deal damage to enemy with a 50% chance to miss. Deal tripple damage if enemy uses X mana color.
Trolls - Troll Regeneration trait (Recover 3 life at start of each turn), Double number of gems of X color on board.