Troop type "Hero-slayer"?

If I remember correctly, there was similar skill in W III: DLR - you could slay a hero in one strike regardless of his/her hits and strength. Wasn’t it discussed before? It must be something like “boss slayer”, but working on heroes (evidently).

If they make the Hero a Boss type too, then the GodSlayer troops will have something to work against (on occasion in PvP and potentially GW).

Then it would be better to make heroes like towers - to use anti-tower troops on them (or else they are near to useless).

I don’t think that would balance out well at current bonus damage ratios. Just looking at Freya, starts out at half mana, would one-shot any hero after a single gem match when fully ascended. Yes, it’s a pretty weak troop otherwise, I’d still expect the battle to be pretty much won at that point. I’d rather have useless anti-tower troops than useless heroes.

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Well, that’d certainly put paid to the Troll/Nyx/Dawnbringer/Mab meta.

I see your point becuase her damage is ascension bases, lets put the limit on spell and skulls at 3x. Hell the ironbeards are fearsome foes.