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Troop Request: Lady Gnome

Can we please get a cool little lady gnome in leather next time we get a new Gnome added to the Vault? She works like the Treasure Gnome, and can appear in battles. 50/50 which of them that appear.


What is she dropping though?
I have so many dirty jokes I don’t want to write :smiley:

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My suggestion is in the OP. That she works like the Treasure gnome. But something differently would be cool, that she drops higher rarity UR-> ingots or something else.

Being the same doesn’t cut it for me, but ingots is a good idea! +1


Let her have the chance of dropping a Vault Key as well.

That would be expected since pet gnomes have a chance too


yeah, still worth a mention…

Awesome idea! Not 100% sure, but I think
we may get one called Glory Gnome, saw it on the GoW spoilers web page.

Spoiler Pic



Awesome, I am not personally a fan of spoilers so I rarely go to taransworld.

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So it is kinda in the Gnomes name that she will give Glory? Very cool! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, some people don’t like spoilers, they like the surprise :smiley:

Could maybe hide that picture behind spoiler tags for those that don’t like them :wink:

If that’s even possible…


Just did :slight_smile:


I think they overdid her hair with that “Princess Leia” braid and lock of hair coming from behind her head. These details are so displaced that i’m 107% sure they were added later.

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I support this idea 100% of the way.

lady gnome?..but we already have salty xD

+1 for badass lady gnome :smiley: