Troop rental for guild events

i’ve been thinking since guild events like tower of doom raid boss and invasion all require troops of a certain mana color or from a certain kingdom/type, new and low-level players might feel left out since they may not have the required troops. One way to fix that would be troop rental. players can use gems either bought or earned to temporarily unlock troops they don’t have it would be locked at lvl 15 and have it’s first two traits unlocked and be marked as rented so it can not be upgraded and won’t count toward your kingdoms star level but will still get all bonuses it would get if you really had it. after the even if you did not get that troops from chests it would go away, if you earn that troop thru the game while it’s rented after the event it would revert to its level based on your VIP level and it’s traits would relock so you would still need to use trait stones and souls to level it up the cost of gems would be based on its rarity this troop can only be used in events and only one copy of each troop can be rented keeping the rented troops level locked at 15 only having 2 of the three traits available and it disappearing after the event unless you earned it by opening a chest will prevent any P2W possibilities while at the same time allowing even those that are very low level to help the guild in events. costing gems instead of $$$ will draw in more players and being able to use a mythic if only for a little while will encourage people to go to the shop to buy gems to either rent it or to open chest to try and get it permanently if this is considered it will take a lot of testing before it can be added to make sure it won’t remove the troop if you also got it from a chest during the rental period

New players get a kicking by this game. It’s that simple.

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i don’t follow what do you mean by that @Thevc

New and low-level players simply won’t have the resources to be able to pay for the “rental” (unless they spend real cash to buy Gems etc).

you can easily get gems from guild tasks and just playing the game via tributes if your guild is fairly active

But there are lots of other things to spend those gems on besides Guild Events.

Faction events, Bounty troops, opening chests, Pet baskets…

you buy pet basket? I only do so when it is a cosmetic pet and only to get it to lvl 10 anyway

If I’m only two or three Pets away from a Level Up then I’ll buy the baskets.

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