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Troop Rec's to pair with Krystenax & Valkyrie?

Hello I’m a level 55 player looking for troop recommendations that work well with Krystenax and Valkyrie. Right now I’m using Druid and my hero. Would love to know of any good teams to use for any and all purposes. Any info much appreciated, Thanks.

In the beginning, Goblin and Dragon teams are probably going to be your best bets for PVP and general missions.

For souls, it really depends on what troops you have, but typically teams with multiple Acolytes works best in the beginning.

For Explore, the best team you will ever get typically involves Firebombs and a Sunbird (there are some good ones with Bombot too). If you have both of those, you should be set for trait stone farming for the rest of the game pretty much.

The first two things you should focus on as a new player are a) finding a decent guild and b) start working on leveling your kingdoms up to 10 stars each. The later will take a while, but it will pay off big time in the end.


Really depends on what you have to use? Having Krystenax so early is awesome so congrats on that. If you have knights coronet it would be ideal in first slot. Trying to think cheap for you. Maybe try for 4x blue.
If you are able then 3x or 4x dragon would be great :+1:
Hope that helps a little

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Equally fast Explore teams can be made with Elspeth and Rowanne, which can both be obtained from quests. Admittedly getting the best from these needs GW reward troops.


As others said, Krystenax is an excellent troop. Pairing with Valkyrie makes good sense. You’re missing brown and purple. Unclear what other troops you have: try linking to the gowdb site and publishing your collection here.

In the early days your hero will gain enough stats to outpace your other troops. The starting blue weapon hits hard for only 4 mana. Stick the hero on the front as a meat-shield. At only 4 mana it won’t block Krystenax much.

A brown/purple troop like Clockwork Sphinx, Drake Rider, Florian or Rock Spirit would round you out nicely for now. A legendary like Magnus or Kerberos would be even nicer.


Personally if I was back at lvl 55 I’d go with:

Fire Bomb
Black Manacles

Though I’m not sure whether you could get BM at that level so perhaps ignore. :wink:

So if you don’t have BM - go and do the Blighted Lands quests and unlock Herald of Chaos.


Hey there,

First of all - congratulations. Valkyrie and Krystenax are a wonderful combination.

My advice is this:

  1. Unlock the Leonis Empire kingdom. This will give you a banner that gives +2 blue and +1 yellow, so every time you match 3 blues you get 5 blue mana, and every time you match 3 yellows you get +4 yellow mana. This banner is perfect for using Valkyrie. Now you can prioritise yellows to fill Valk, and if you get a lucky mana surge you’ll fill her with just 2 turns of yellow matches.

  2. At your level, the hero is likely to be one of your strongest troops, so put him at the front. I’d give him a weapon that doesn’t block blue, yellow, and red.

  3. Use your new team to farm souls and level up your troops. It will make battles significantly faster, especially if you can level Krystenax up to level 19.

  4. As you open more troops, look out for one with stoneskin to replace your hero. Lower rarity is better as it’s easier to grind out traitstone to unlock that trait. Archon statue, golem, Gorgon, lava elemental - all these would work so take a look and see what the chests bring you and which ones you prefer using

And for a fourth troop, another strong blue troop would be good. The best choices are Queen Mab. and Emperor Khorvash, but even at a lower rarity there are lots of good blue troops out there. If you use a troop with water link (and unlock that trait), that would also really help speed up your matches.

Good luck, have fun, and join a good guild!