🔥 Troop List per Arcane Stone (Ended: 16.07.18, Reason: Lack of interests)


@eika I am glad that I missed you almost leaving, would have been upset.
Love this post, and just wanted to add that Abynissia is not currently listed.
She uses Blade and Spirit stones.

Thanks! :wink:

EDIT: Disregard the Abynissia thing… I actually scrolled down… :grimacing: :blush:


The list of Imps has now been updated with which time they are to be found in the chests:

Autumnal Imp L - DEEP (August/September)
Imp Of Love L - RAGE (February/March)
Spooky Imp L - DEATH (October/November)
Spring Imp L - STEALTH (April/May)
Summer Imp L - SUMMER (June/July)
Winter Imp L - STOIC (December/January)



Happy new year, pal! All the best to you and your family.


That’s kind of you to say. Thank you! Happy new year! :slight_smile:


Nice topic, it’s always open in my browser since weeks :smiley:

Just one thing i’d modify:

could u plz add the Mythics under the single Arcane listings?

example: under spirit arcanes:

Pharos-Ra M - 21

and adding it’s sub-arcane total to the Arcane totals you can see there.

this way every week you would have a complete handy list of what that arcane would be useful for .


Sorry, but I do like to have the Mythics separated from the other troops, because not all Mythics are bounded to Kingdom Power Level. But the main reason is that they are using two differently arcanes, and it would only make the troops come up twice in the list. Not a fan of such things here, since I want the list as simple and clean as possible. Glad you are liking the list, and thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:


Just saying, it would just make the list more handy, right now u gotta scroll down and back everytime
between the two lists.

Maybe if you don’t want to add to the totals, just put them in grey or italics so they are kept as “special”?

i don’t get tho how Kingdom Power is related to your topic tho, thought was just a List of troops per arcane stones :stuck_out_tongue:


I must be honest, it can’t be too much of a work for you to scroll down and back a little once a week?


i do it multiple times a day very often eheheh,
checking calendar, making plans , advicing friends on what to upgrade :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

well, don’t worry, it was just my feedback on how to make a very useful list,
to an even more useful one :wink:

take it as it is, just a tip.


Glad that you are liking the list and uses it very often. :smiley:

I prefer to keep it as it is, simple and clean. Scrolling down and back a little,
is fine for most I do believe.


If I were still using this list I would agree with @Luther. It always bothered me that the mythics had their own section (classes, guardians, and imps as well IMO). However I just use the my collection feature on ashtender now and it displays the way I want, I suppose those of us that prefer it that way can just do that. Luther you may want to check that out: www.ashtender.com/gems


thanks, gonna try more the filters


The site truly shines when you create an account and enter all the troops you’ve already leveled, traited, etc. Then when you click on an arcane stone it will only show you the troops you still need to trait with that stone, along with classes, imps, and guardians.


Oh, I am sorry that you didn’t like my list. Glad you found a new one that you liked tho. :slight_smile:
Thanks for letting me know, I never knew it bothered you.


Sorry, just trying to back up the feedback that was already given to you in case you wanted to change things around.


What are you sorry about?

1 year have passed, and it is the first time I have got any feedback on this I believe.
I find it a little strange, it can’t have bothered too many I do believe.

But it is the people to decide, if there are more who wants me to clash it all together
more or less in a soup? Please let me know.

  • Put Mythics in the main list
  • Put Guardians, Imps and Mythics in the main list
  • Put Classes, Imps and Mythics in the main list
  • Make one list
  • Don’t change a thing

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i play since a little over 1 month :stuck_out_tongue:

for new players ur list is very useful, found it via Kaya43v3r links on her topic about troops per kingdom with images


Ok, I have some good news for you.

I have decided to add everything to the main list, but will still keep the minor lists as they are in the bottom, just because they have a great overview. It will take some time, but should be up tonight sometime.


Awesome! thanks a lot :smiley:


The main list has now been updated with Mythics/Classes/Guardians/Imps. Let me know if you see any incorrect or missing data. :slight_smile: