🔥 Troop List per Arcane Stone (Ended: 16.07.18, Reason: Lack of interests)


Nice addition, Eika :smile_cat:


Thank you! :wink:


@Lyya I have tried to find a code that let me add the Arcane stone pictures at the right side of the text, but had no luck so far. Is it possible to do it, and if so, what code is needed?


I don’t have images of the Arcane Traitstones anywhere on my site. I can add them for you if you need them.


I have the arcane traitstones images, found them in the wiki. Thats not the problem I am dealing with, tho.


Sorry, I don’t think I understand the problem then. Is it that the images are showing up on a row by themselves?


Oh, I see the issue now. I don’t think it’s doable in Markdown, sorry.


I had the feeling, thanks anyway. :slight_smile:


The new Mythic has been added to the list. :slight_smile:

I will use the occasion to say that I am moving on.
The game has been great, the devs/support has been great, the people have been great. Black Dragon has been absolutely fantastic. If you ever have the chance to come there, just take it, you won’t regret it! :slight_smile:

I hope that someone will take and copy the list(it is currently up to date) and continue with updating it
every week. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone,

Eika :slight_smile:


Good luck with future endeavors @Eika. Too bad you’re leaving.


I’ll miss you, @Eika. You’ve been a great leader for our guild.


Thank you, a lot, Lyya. :slight_smile: it’s been a nice time in Black Dragon, gonna miss you a lot, great people!


All the best, mate! Take it easy.


I really hope that you will have a change of heart and return one day @Eika, but if your mind is made up then I bid you adieu and all the best moving forward.


I’ll miss you in the game, my friend. :hugging:


I changed my mind for now, think I will give it another try. I will keep updating this list.


Happy that you remain among us. :relaxed:


Kind of you to say. :slight_smile:


Great post :ok_hand:t2: Really appreciate this. And, good you choose to remain.
Notice you are active posting in the forums. And always good to know that there’s another Norwegian here if times get hard :wink:


Glad you staying! Now don’t think of leaving again mister.