Troop Diversity Pride!

Why are you all arguing on my example instead of my point? x)
But it will take more than that to take my example down : Emperina also heals, but she is a fire dragon :wink:


Also to be quite honest, dragons are a bad example of color specialization, since in many fantasy worlds they span the gamut of colors and magic types. Goblins and elves being green, dwarves being brown – those sorts of color specs are more easily defensible.

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There are 12 Bl/R Troops in the game thus far, and they cover the board in types, and turns out one is a construct.

There are only 9 G/Br Troops in the game, and Archon Statue is Divine…even though it’s a stone carving…constructed by man.

Just make a card that’s a robot made with wood and BAM! G/Br Construct, at your service. Eazy, peezy, Covergirl. :sunglasses:

I also understand that most Troop Types tend to stick to a main color (Fey/Elf/Wildfolk stick with G/Y, Undead usually have P, Giants and Constructs usually having Br), but the also do some left-field stuff occasionally, and there’s no harm in having a couple Troops of a certain type break the mold (like Borer: it’s R/Bl, and Bl seems a bit odd for a Construct, right? But it happened).

So if you have, say, only one G/Br Construct ever made…that would be perfect. Make it unique and not have a very ‘construct-like ability’ and then people will build what they choose with it.

Wich is why I picked them !
Although they aren’t bound by color specialisation constraints, they get an equivalent bonus to those of every other types :wink:

Also, since this seems to have gone into a Troop Theme vs Actual Troop Mana colors, let’s break it all down now with the Troop Types that have bridged the color gap and accepted diversity:

  • Humans (because humans can be or accomplish anything, know for feats, blah blah blah I feel like whenever Human is a type in a game and this excuse is given it seems so arrogant and meta, but eh whatevs.)

  • Beasts (because nature’s fauna comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes)

  • Daemons (because torment and suffering ALSO comes in all shapes and sizes)

  • Divine (because blessing and deliverance…you get the idea)

  • Dragons (because this game is about magic, magics has different forms, and dragons are natural magic beings. Plus, there have been different colored dragons with different skills and magic for ages)

  • Elementals (Same as dragons, just with less scales, teeth and treasure)

  • Giants (because Giants are similar to humans…you know, except for the whole size thing)

  • Knights (because not every Knight follows the code [or is still among the living])

  • Marauders (because the limits of what they wish to pillage knows no bounds)

  • Monsters (like beasts, but usually worse)

  • Wildfolk (because FURRIES ARE EVERYWHERE)

That leaves only five troops that have yet to bridge the diversity gap, and most of them are only by ONE color: Construct, Dwarf, Elf (being the special case, as it’s missing both Br and Bl), Fey, and Undead.

I don’t see why they can’t make one or two to bridge that gap, then go back and stick with the main thing.

Fey is only missing Brown but Treant boosts off of Brown, making a Fey team able to utilize all colours.

When analyzing Troop types and colour usage, are you people factoring in things like Spells boosting off of colours?

I was not originally, but that’s a valid point: if a troop boosts off a color that’s not part of it’s mana color, that’s very close to being of that mana cost. This might also count in regards to those who change mana into another color, but that’s a different story altogether.

Treant allows the Fey to have someone who works off of Brown so long as his ability is up, technically giving Fey access to all colors.

Elves still have nothing for Yellow or Blue, Dwarves for Green, Constructs for Green, and Undead for Green.

Wow, lots of Troops not eating their greens…come on men, get it together! :unamused:

Might explain my apparent aversion to Green Troops.

Clear Cutter
Brown/Red - Burn target opponent. Deal X damage and remove all Green gems to boost damage

I leave mana costs and damage rates to those that balance better, but a Construct that “chews up” green gems to fuel it’s fire attack.

Description for Clear Cutter: No one tries to steal his mulch money.

I had an idea for one who’s cost is actually Brown and Green:

Birchbuilt Tinkerer
13 Green/Brown - Lock and Spring/Wound Up: All allies gain 3 Armor. Summon a level [Magic] Gnome.
Construct Bond, Stone Heart, Fast
Gnome-body gnomes why he only builds gnomes/Ain’t he a tinker?

He would have similar stats to Summoner instead he would have lower attack and higher armor with possibly a bit less health. Having a similar magic stat forces a player to invest in him to have stronger tokens, but at max he still wouldn’t be able to summon Lvl 20 tokens, more like Lvl 17-18 without Magic buffs from another source. Summoner also doesn’t have a trait that ups it’s magic, as that would be too broken, so I left him with traits I think would fit a wooden construct who does nothing but makes little wooden and brass Gnomes.

The Gnomes he makes would be weaker in stature, like Ghouls or Thralls are, and be considered constructs. They would have an ability that costs only 4 Brown mana and would give all other allies 4 Armor, but would deal an amount of damage to itself equal to it’s magic + 2. It’s Magic would be a bit high and it’s health a bit low with VERY low armor so that you could only use it’s ability a couple times before it destroys itself. It’s attack stat would also be on the lower end, and these numbers don’t force you to use them just to kill themselves, but make it so that if you want to keep them in play you would have to build around keeping them in play rather than being able to play off both tactics These stats would stay a ratio so that no matter what level it was summoner at, it would still only be able to use this ability roughly three times, killing itself on the third. This idea is built of the notion of mechanical Gnomes always taking each other apart to build things, even to their own detriment.

Description: No matter how they switch a foot, they can’t keep it together. < If you get the reference for this, feel free to post it here.

Not sure if Construct Bond on the creature that makes the token would be too broken, but you would have to create it and have it tested to see for sure.

Except all Beasts are green. Barring Bunni’Nog and some Commons. Makes creating an all-Beast team painful.

Not to mention there’s only three above rare tier.

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Still waiting on a Legendary Knight troop, personally.

Humans have less synergy than even Beasts atm.
And don’t even get me started on the pitiful Dwarves.

Don’t get me wrong, a Green Construct would be nice, but I see worse troop-types in need right now.


I have an amazing idea for the traits if we ever get a Legendary Knight.

Impervious: Immune to all Status Effects
Stoneskin: 50% damage reduction from Skulls
Vanguard: Receive Skull damage in place of all Allied Troops

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I would think that Elves and Dwarves need more attention first: each only has 6 Troops to their type.

Although I do agree there needs to be more legendary spread, and a Legendary Knight would be cool.

I disagree, good sir.

Four green troops on a team gives you +25 Green Mastery, and then adding either Woodland Banner or another banner that is partial Green if you have another color you need to boost, and you should be in business.

Now as for the Rarity issue, I can feel you on that one. :pensive:

Rarity is of little significance in GoW, the Mean Street Posse says, “Hi!”

Elves are easily bottom tier and could use every ounce of help they can scrounge together, but I’ve nearly given up on them. They’d need an entirely new kingdom dedicated to them to have the smallest chance of usability, combination-wise.

At least Dwarves and Humans I can put some hope in. (Dwarven Air-raiders and Human Monks, pls.)

+25 Mastery really doesn’t do that much. It should be 25% or 50% of your Mastery level maybe. I mean, when you have 100+ already and it scales terribly.

Or if they really want to encourage single colour teams, make it a flat +25% chance on top of your current mastery %.

This is not true if we go with mechanist class for the hero.