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Trolling Troops and Class (The community troops/class)

I thought it would be fun to get the whole community into building a bundle of Trolling troop and a class built by the community. Even if it doesn’t go into the final stages of being apart of the game, I thought it would be fun to get the community involved.

I dont have photoshop nor did i really care how it would turn out. You all are free to put your own spin on your own Trolling troops.

Troop’s Ideaology:

Basic premise of the troops are based doing physical damage with short to mid-range mana cost. Ideally these Trolling troops should be common with maybe 1 legendary. They are an accessioned based troop that gives them +3-5 to all skills per accession that cannot pass mythic (or maybe could).


The skills that these Trolling troops have are normally skills that deal small damage to balance the high physical attack they have. To balance these troops, they remove skulls and doomskulls to keep both themselves and enemy team from attacking. But could be a great combination when paired with troops who do create skulls or doomskulls.

Notable characteristics slap has:

Slap has a 10% chance to enrage adjacent enemy troops – this means it can enrage randomly 1-4 troops or none at all.


As far as traits go, I idealistically thought about how Trolling troops would be beneficial to players in a way that they would want to put the troop in their teams. Most Trolling troop should always have a class trait bonus.

Traits Explained:

Troll Toll

Gain 5 gold and souls when dealing damage

  • This alone will want players to keep this troop in a farming team, if not just a team that deals brute damage. This also fallows up the next trait.

Iron Price

Incoming Damage remove gold and souls before calculating damage

  • This one may sound confusing but is actually quite simple. Say you have 50 gold and 50 soul. Someone from the opposing team deals say 500 dmg to King Trollinging. Before that 500 dmg is dealt to King Trolling, 50 gold and soul will replace the armor or health of that troop before dealing the rest of the remaining dmg, so in this term, the enemy team will deal 400 dmg to King Trolling instead of 500. To balance things, King Trolling removes skulls and doomskulls to prevent itself from tanking too much damage from gold and souls, and to further balance, the armor and life is kept to a minimum so that the gold and soul can be efficiently used as a way to tank hits granted if the player has gold or souls. If not, damage is dealt as usual.


Gain Gold and souls equal to allied trolls when doing skull damage

  • Since the max trolling troops you can have in a team is 4, then the most gold and soul this troop can gain when doing skill damage is 9 gold and souls collectively. 5 from the first trait and 4 from the last trait.

Since every so levels we advance attack, armor, magic, or hp, I am guessing at max level the hero in this class shouldnt be too overpowered considering we can only level it to 20. It has a little bit of everything, but mainly focused on attack.

Skills gained during Level Breakdown:

Attack = 2 levels for 1 attack = 5 atk @ lvl 20
Armor = 5 levels for 1 armor = 4 armor @ lvl 20
Skill = 20 levels for 1 skill
HP = 5 level for 1 hp = 4 hp @ lvl 20

Class Traits:
Should benefit Trolling troops but not limited to. Only 1 trait should be used from the fallowing list. This list is just examples.

Trait 1:

-Allied Trollings gain 2 attack
-Gain 1 gold and soul when doing skull damage (stackable to troop trait or non Trolling troop)

Trait 2:

-Gain 1 attack on 4 or 5 gem matches
-Gain random enchament on 4 or 5 gem matches
-Gain 1 gold and soul based on allied Trollings when dealing skull damage.

Trait 3:

-Deal 30% of max gold damage split among enemies at the start of the turn.
-Deal 40% max gold damage split when filled. Consume all gold.
-Deal max soul damage to a random enemy armor. Consume all souls.
-Heal allied Trollings for 40% when gold is filled. Consume all gold.
-Enrage all allied Trollings when soul is filled.

Some of you maybe confused when reading some of these skills and traits. i will do my best to describe how they will be calculated.

Deal 30% of max gold damage split among enemies at the start of the turn.


So far the only troop I know of that can give you 100% max gold cap is Cedric Sparklesack. Cedric Sparklesack x 4 would give you a total of 400% (5x). starting gold cap is 100 i believe, so give or take you will have the chance of 500 max gold. 500 x 30% = 150 but we split that dmg by 4 = 37.5 dmg to each enemy. 37.5 dmg is a lot, but given that this gnome is extremely hard to get. On average most team can only get up to 200 gold cap (25% per troop), the damage it will do split would be 15 dmg at the start of each time, therefore, 30% is reasonable but subject to change if see fit.

Deal 40% max gold damage split when filled. Consume all gold.


Same applies above but ideally this should be used more in a way of quick burst dmg. given that you use Trolling troops that gain 5-10 gold per skull hit (combined with traits and class skill if so), filling the gold counter should be easy. based on split damage of 4 troops, it should do 10 dmg to each enemy troop. Combine that with the physical damage that the Trolling troop dishes out, it should help with those who have a 50% reduction or reflection with skull hit.

If you reached the end of this long thread, thank you for your time. I cant wait to read everyones feedbacks and ideas. Hopefully you all will be able to share your own trolling troops.

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Sorry for the different sizes - didn’t think it through because I was too excited with the idea :grin:

hahaha now thats a good one :smiley: