Trolling for Fun


I was wondering which of the following teams your might find "trolliest"
For this all troops will be fully traited and the team will consist of 4 of the same troop

The vote is essentially on what team you would “LEAST” like to face off against

[poll name=“Worst 4x Troll Team”]

  • 4x Celestasia
  • 4x Infernal King
  • 4x The Great Maw
    [ /poll]


@Tacet what did I do wrong?


Worst troll team poll.

  • 4x Celestasia
  • 4x Infernal King
  • 4x The Great Maw

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I suspect it’s only helpful if you indicate how you did it.


He forgot the spaces between the dashes and the poll option.


Thanks a ton (thanks <10 characters)


If you do not know if you are doing something right you have a preview box next to a box where you type your messages. This lets you know if you inputted something correctly.


It still won’t work and the preview box only helps when you know what your doing wrong lol


I used it to find the issue of what you did wrong until the poll decided to construct itself in the preview box.


Probably need quotes around this.


This could help:


And in [/poll], no space between the bracket and slash.


I figured it out lol, so simple I had the title of the poll in the 1st poll bracket when the word “poll” was suppose to be in the bracket by itself, I’m not going to fix my OP as people already voted on @killerman3333 post but I do know now, I’ve checked it out in the preview box, also thanks to @Tacet, @Lyya, and @Ivar for you assistance as well thanks


By the way, your poll’s missing 4x Scale Guard. :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t consider that option maybe I’ll do another one for just for kicks


Sea Troll/Sea Troll/Sea Troll/Sea Troll

Someone had to.


While 4x Infernal King might be really annoying every once in a blue moon, you should never lose to it unless you are really really really unlucky, as a resurrected 0 Mana IK isn’t really a threat.

4x Celestasia is not really a thing anymore since the nerf she received. A single Celestasia playing touch butt in the park with Venoxia is actually more annoying than 4 of her.

4 x Maw means the threat of his third trait won’t stop until you killed the whole enemy team, so they clearly get my vote.


If his “Fire Link” was still a thing he would definitely be included and probably be wining this poll


4x scale guard takes the cake


4xMaw with all traits is hell on earth… Instant retreat!