Tribute Chance 4.3 missing guild bonus

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PC Steam

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
If you collect Tribute, and then go to a Kingdom it displays a tribute chance (20%) without the Guild bonus. In my case the guild bonus is 3%. If I then complete a battle it updates to include the Guild bonus (23%).

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It resets to 20% every time you collect Tribute, or restart the game. It corrects itself if you complete any battle. I am unsure if this is actually affecting Tribute chances or is purely visual.

Steps to make it happen again
Collect Tribute/start game
Select any kingdom Note the tribute chance
Complete any battle
Return to same kingdom, and it now show correct Tribute Chance including Guild bonus


Anyone else experiencing this? It is still occurring for me.

I’ve heard of at least 2 people getting Zero tribute after 4.3 came out.
I assume it’s working as intended. And if it’s not working as intended. I assume the devs will say it was bugged for 4 years and they “fixed” it with 4.3. 🤷

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I’ve noticed a trend where my tributes have been on the low side since last patch. I’d written this off as just an observational bias since there are a lot of times I don’t even check what I got before spamming click through the screen, and the new location for how many tributes you got is much less of an eyecatch than before so I’m less likely to notice a big tribute as I click through.

Checking my tribute on kingdoms, it is indeed showing the wrong amount immediately following collecting a tribute, even with the game having been on for hours:

Which corrects itself after clicking on the guild screen (battle would probably also work, as per OP):

This also happens with the bonuses screen (note the 0’s for souls and xp from guild statues, should be 50s).

I can confirm that the bonuses screen is a visual glitch, but finding out the same thing is happening to the kingdom tribute screen and I had already noticed lower tributes and the fact that collecting tributes retriggers the issue, this is a bit concerning.

Please, please, please don’t make us gather data on a bunch of tributes to even get this checked.


4.3 also made what we receive for tributes less eye grabby. Like do we really need a half of a screen to show whether or not we got honor? No. But if they made changes to tribute and didn’t want people to notice it. Literally making it less obvious would be a wise tactic. They definitely can’t go with the “it was bugged so we fixed it” excuse again.

Guild tribute bonus was bugged since statues launched.
Fixed in 4.1?
Broke in 4.3

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Same issue. Registered to report and found this topic

Hey, thanks for bring this to our attention.

We’ve had a few issues with %s and things not updating when the game launches but only ie, after entering and exiting the Guild menu, so this sounds like another. I’ll add it to the existing bug report.

This is a visual issue only which corrects itself after opening the Guild menu.


So just double/triple/quadruple-checking – if you login and go to collect tribute, but you haven’t entered/exited the Guild menu (and thus have incorrect %s showing on your Kingdom screens), tribute chances will be unaffected?

If it’s the same visual issue, yes. If you notice anything odd, go to Guild > manage Tasks and Seals then return to the menu that had the oddity.