Treasure maps should have a small chance to award Pet Food

If Treasure Maps had a slight chance of awarding Pet Food upon completion, I think there would be a LOT less complaints that Treasure Maps are useless.

As someone who works hard for their Pet Food and has a respect for Pet catching, I understand that Pet Food is a hot/rare commodity, so I wouldn’t expect EVERY Treasure Map to give Pet Food, but with a low chance of it, that would be a fair incentive to do a few every day, especially with the increasing amount of Pets being obtained and collected.

I think it would be fair to have a chance at a drop from red chests, possibly green at a substantially lower value.

As pets grow higher in level, so too does the amount of food that is needed in order to level it up, so while it may seem like this could be an easy spam for leveling pets, I would think that it would balance out quite quickly, especially considering the fact that you need to ascend the pets first before you can raise their levels.

The consistency of acquiring Pet Food from Treasure Maps could be something equivalent to or even less than that of Gems. I feel there is a reasonable percentage chance value in there somewhere, but I sadly am unable to identify that sweet-spot, however, I believe it is something that could alleviate the mountains of Treasure Maps for us late to end game players.

Any thoughts or improvements?

EDIT: It could be introduced as an Event, “This week only - Pet Food as potential reward for completing Treasure Maps.”


Sure does,
And add a vault key if you manage to get an actual vault. :slight_smile:


A single vault is’nt easy, but is’nt terribly difficult either. Now there’s an achievement for getting two vaults. If you get two vaults in a game after getting the achievement, then yeah, i would like a vault key. :slight_smile:


I just meant vault keys to be added to the loot pool of the vault. Gem keys are rare enough, so an added vault key just to be surprised with it every so often.


In general high score treasure hunts should be awarded more. Nowadays it’s better to do 65 move match x2 than a single 130 move match. It should be the other way around. The vault rewards should be buffed. There are a lot of new commodities that could be added to the vault price pool.


I agree with both Vault Keys as a possibly reward, as well as an overhaul with Treasure Map rewards scaling with higher turn games. It’s a shame they’re so hesitant to alter things that can benefit us, but I understand it’s a delicate process when changing game mechanics so as not to throw off the game’s balance.

Either way, it would be NICE to see an additional means of obtaining Pet Food other than the occasional Pet Event, and expending jewels to craft them. You’d kill two birds with one stone - Treasure Maps wouldn’t be a waste of time, AND players have an alternative means of acquiring food to fill their cute little buddies’ tum-tums.

The pet food and jewels you get from every pet rescue is more than enough to level your pets. I have an excess of food now with all pets levelled as high as they can currently be.

Well, the extra means of acquiring Pet Food is a secondary benefit. I’m mainly trying to draw attention to helping Treasure Maps become more useful. If Pet Food is in abundance later on, then there’s no harm done in adding Pet Food to the reward pool for Treasure Maps, yet the incentive to do Treasure Maps for players WITHOUT ample amount of Pet Food will be increased. I still see only benefits to this idea.

Is there anyone who has an ascended pet but no food to level it up? In my experience food has never been an issue. If lack of food was an issue I would totally be all for your idea.

Adding something to a drop pool means less chance of getting the other things.

Well, right now there’s no chance of getting ANY rewards from Treasure Maps for me, because I have absolutely no reason or care to do them, and I’m sure many can agree. But, I understand what you are saying about Pet Food being unnecessary for those who HAVE acquired a large amount of it, however, there are many who haven’t. I don’t see the harm in adding Pet Food to the drop if it means the utility of Treasure Maps increases even SLIGHTLY, as the current reward pool is obviously not enough to have people do them in the first place.

The only time I do Treasure Maps is when the Progress Event for them rolls around, and I dread it so.

I haven’t done anything special to acquire lots of food, just doing rescues. My point is I can’t see how anyone would be lacking pet food. You need to do on average 16 rescues for each pet to ascend to mythic. This will get you 90+ food, more than enough to level that pet.

I agree maps need some sort of buff but adding an unnecessary resource isn’t the answer. It would actually be a Nerf and make maps even less appealing.

Well, I don’t have enough food for the Pets that I have, so it’s not as easy as you’re making it sound to get Pet Food. Besides, 16 rescues for EACH Pet is a lot, given there’s something around 32-36 pets (that’s a total of around 510 - 580 Pet Events), and I’m lucky to make even ONE of the Pet Rescues my guild activates, due to my work and life schedule.

It may be a supposed “nerf” for those of which have stacks of Pet Food, but who’s doing maps in the first place for a “nerf” to matter to them, especially if it happens to help out people who could use more Pet Food. But, I won’t argue my point against yours - we both have differing views, and I feel we are BOTH right to an extent.

I see in the long run that maps will just die down again once everyone obtains the Pet Food (if that’s enough to revive Maps for them), and we’ll be at the same dilemma we are now. But, if left as is, they are dead anyways, so why not add something that could risk being a nerf.

If that is REALLY that much of a concern, I think it could work in the sense that they make it an event kind of thing. “THIS WEEK - Chance of Pet Food from Treasure Maps! Hurry Up, your little pals are hungry!”

When you say you don’t have enough food for the pets you have, do you mean you have ASCENDED pets but no food to level them up? I truly don’t see how someone could not have enough. Each rescue event gives you all the food you need for that pet. Doesn’t matter if you’ve only done a few rescues or hundreds.

I have no ascended pets, and I am not getting enough to feed each pet. Besides, you’re completely drawing away from the point of the post, so I’m going to refrain from further replies unless your posts are back in line with the context of the thread. Thank you for your input.

Hmmm, I thought pet food was exactly the point but ok. Last comment then, if lack of food was a problem why isn’t there any threads like “Need more pet food” etc.?

No, as I’ve stated many times, the point is making “Treasure Maps” more useful, and my idea to achieve this was to introduce Pet Food as a possible reward.

My apologies if you’ve misinterpreted this post to incorrectly mean that I am complaining about there not being enough Pet Food, even though I’ve stated the contrary multiple times.

If you can’t contribute to the idea itself, which is compounding on the idea that “Pet Food could help make Treasure Maps more useful”, then please find a different thread to dedicate your time to. I appreciate your interest in the post, but it is not constructive to the topic at hand.

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Just to clarify this, with 8 baskets you have a chance on 8 different rewards +1 guaranteed pet.
Let say you get 4 pets, 2 colored food, 1 white food and 1 colored gem. So you have 5 pets and still only 2 1/2 food.
That is certainly not enough.

-back on topic

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Perhaps there’s a chance of activating a random Pet Event when matching for Vaults?

A would think a very SMALL chance if so. But, I’m still more leaning towards just adding Pet Food as a potential reward. Either that, or some of the Jewels you need in order to craft Pet Food.

Just to clarify further, on average you will get 1.9 pets per rescue event. You will on average get 4.6 color food per rescue and when you combine that with white food and jewels it equals roughly 6 color food per rescue. So by the time you are ready to ascend I promise you, you will have enough food.

And how do you feed 1.9 pets with 4.6 food? On average you’re unable to feed your first pet to level 5.

But can we stop this discussion in here and just get the loot from maps altered?