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Treasure Map value in 3.3

I will probably continue recording streams, but the analysis on how to play is so complicated that I don’t know if I go there.

All the playing styles should be taken in effect

  1. Slow as hell, not making a wrong move at all, as boogafreak (668 moves in 3,5hours):
    Treasure Hunt high scores 1.0.9 (screenshots)
  2. Relatively slow, considering moves, but not taking breaks to drink tea
  3. Max 3 seconds per move, taking the optimal found
  4. Blasting away the first one seen

And then you can also think about making/not making 3/4/5 moves with certain objects. The optimal way to play is somewhere there, and it might not even make a big difference what you do.

Maybe I should play one hour with playstyle somewhere between 3 and 4. I’m getting curious to see a comparison with that to my 1st stream, which was relatively slow, consisting of only 9 matches and 1049 moves.

And let me continue my monologue…

As @TheDragonSeoul pointed out wisely, one factor is vaults made per hour. That has a straight relation to gem keys made per hour. That can at least be said for certain

So if you want gem keys from Treasure hunt, make vaults :smiley:

Then there is also the comparison to guild legendary tasks. I’m donating more gold than average in my guild, and my guild is among the top donating guilds, so I don’t feel I’m missing anything if i spend time in treasure hunt. Also I can claim that 1m gold can give me a legendary task of 6 arcanes, 6 runics and 1 event key, where I don’t need any traitstones so that 1m gold = 180 glory to me, which is one tribute. So while the rewards are bad everywhere except tribute, I don’t care what mode I play (sic).

Well, the results were quite shocking.

So at least one should not spend time thinking about moves. Then it’s another question whether one should match green chests or not, and if skill still yields better rewards even when you play full speed. A better player might see better moves fast and moves in general faster than a weaker player.

Full data on my 5th 1 hour stream:


I dont think so at all. I always blast through TH when I do them for the Weekly Event Stones. I never once recorded my results but know from personal experience when I was going for the TH 2x Vault Achievement the rewards are not worth the effort of careful play.

Its nice to see my personal bias proven though.

The other bias I have: is to always avoid, at all costs matching the first Chest that gives Gems, keep all of them on the board for Max Gems reward…

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Green chest = 0,25 gems, 1,5 glory, 5 souls and 50 gold
Red chest = 0,5 glory keys, 0,5 gems, 3,25 glory and 12,5 souls

Maxing gems, yeah maybe. Maxing gem value, maybe not.


I don’t drink that cool aid.


I thought “playing good” vs “playing fast” would be more or less even on rewards. But to find out it’s that much skewed on playing brain-dead is just horrible to see. I’m shocked.

It might be worth testing to play an hour with 0 glory keys and 0 gem keys, maxing out the green chests, to see the glory and gems values / hour.


Ok I spent another 2 hours and 10 minutes playing out the remaining 50 matches. Below are the results of my 100 match “experiment” the focus of which was not to make the most moves possible but rather to play each round of Treasure hunt in around 2 to 3 minutes (or quickly).

I didn’t record the time as accurately as I should have for the first 50 rounds but for a ‘close enough’ I’ve used 5 hours as total play time to give everyone the “total per hour” as bolatsi has as I think it’s an also an interesting metric.

I put 1 decimal place for the averages and average per hour data (but not for totals for obvious reasons.)


I realise 100 rounds is a limited snap shot but I will keep track of future matches going forward and likely a few months from now I’ll post a summary of 1000 or more and see if and how that skews the averages presented here :thinking:

Out of the 100 rounds I had a total of 17 vaults (15 times I had 1 vault and 1 time I had 2)
Also of note which I found interesting (for me anyways) was that only 1 round in a 100 did not award some glory (only one 0 value total with the range otherwise between 2 and 84)



Maybe because you keep seeing this as “the result of playing like an idiot” instead of seeing it simply as it is: the result of another form of playing.

I don’t want to antagonize you at any degree, but when you said:

I already saw a strong bias clouding your judgement, and that’s why you feel shocked when finding out you were wrong while conducting some experimentation. Take this experience for what it’s worth, consider new perspectives and even investigate some claims if you can. Being open-minded, or thinking outside the box is really enlightening.

Like some time ago when i had an epiphany and figured out that pancakes are “cakes” made on a frying pan

But strangely this doesn’t applies to “pineapples”. :thinking: Our universe is really full of mysteries…


Yeah, while being shocked I was and I’m still open to experiment and learn. It’s not an end of the world. But I admit that my preconception was wrong. I knew speed matters, but I thought that it wasn’t that big of a deal.

But you are right there @Razzagor that it really hit me that I was totally wrong. Good that I did the experiment by myself, I have yet to see reliable data before.

Then again when one considers that something should be made to improve rewards from Treasure hunt, I at least can claim that it should be buffing vaults and maybe even create a new type of reward object from matching 3 vaults that would contain an Orb of chaos or something.

…and still there could be found some differences in rewards regarding playing styles. If one goes statistical enough I guess there could be found a time which can be thought as the max reasonable time per match (maybe 2min 30sec? :D) but there might also be a minimum of moves (30?) that below the game is not good rewards-wise. Then there is the green chest bias, which my experiments make look like not worth it, since it slows the game, but I’m open to be wrong again.


This thread is amazing and I love it. Thank you for your appreciation of the treasure maps :smile:


There is another small benefit to careful play, which is the 20 guild seals for hitting 60 moves. If you don’t always hit 60, you will lose out on some of these.

That said, I am amenable to the notion that fast play is most efficient for grinding rewards. It’s logical, really - in some sense the total rewards are just a function of how much stuff falls into the screen.

But honestly, if you are playing a game like this to grind in-game currency, you probably have better things you could be doing.

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