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Treasure Map value in 3.3

Here is the rewards summary from the 1h stream above


…and here is a comparison between me and @Calv1n

As you can see Calv1n made more gems, so the less moves you make the more gems you make!!! cough

I might start another thread for this later, if I’m interested in streaming 100h of Treasure map play for somewhat reliable statistical assumptions.


When the Treasure Hunt events pop up I find I almost always make 25-35 Gems per hour. But I purposely stop at matching larger Chests (the first to give Gems).

@Bolatsi Interesting Results

PS: I am not, nor have Iever have played a Treasure Hunt expert on TV/Stream :wink:

Inb4 the “Nerf because it hurts the economy of the game” post lol.

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Imagine they nerf treasure maps :joy:
I’d probably cough up a lung laughing.


@Bolatsi you should do 100 hours with your 100+ moves and I’ll do 100+ hours with my around 50 moves and we’ll share again. It may take some time to get that on my end however if if do 3 to 5 hours a week which I think may be my mental limit for TH weekly lol

Also I made a lot more gold which is interesting but this is probably only of 'value" to newer players that still have a high value on gold :thinking:

I think whether you should 4/5 match brown chests depends on your skill level. Beginners might be better off keeping them. Of course it depends where they are on the board too.

But nobody is good enough that 4/5 matching green chests is a good plan, except maybe in a very extreme position where it’s worth several moves.

@Bolatsi I’ve done and tracked 33 TH matches so far 67 more to go and I’ll post my results :wink:

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I have 4 1hour streams currently done. But it has been a bit too much, so I’ll keep at least a day off. :slight_smile:

I will just save mine, maybe SOME DAY they will buff the rewards.
But not really.


Well finished the first 50 and much like Bolatsi I’ll be taking a break before I do the other 50 than I’ll post the summary on the complete 100 TH matches. Also just for some additional information even though I was focused on doing these TH rounds as fast as possible more or less I did manage to do 20% (10 of the 50) with one vault and one round with 2 vaults.



Loving all these stats - thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Just a note - it’s probably worth showing one decimal place for the averages of keys, gems and traitstones as your current results appear to be rounded up and so significantly overstate the results in some categories.

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Gems per hour is the only figure I’m really interested in. Thanks for doing this too guys.

@actreal for the 100 summary I’ll move it to 1 decimal place for you (sorry didn’t think of it but it is more accurate for sure) :+1:

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Fleg I’ll put down a time spent as well right now it’s right around 2 hours and 103 gems so about 51.5 gems per hour based on 50 rounds. I’ll get the final 50 finished up and post the rates for 100 (and likely 4 hours unless for some reason the next 50 go much slower)!

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I don’t know if I should make this post right now. But I still do. I want to say loud and clear: This is not the time to make any decisive thoughts about how to play treasure maps in order to maximize rewards. These samples are very small, both mine and Calv1n’s.

The best way to calculate rewards gained from a single match is like this:

  1. number of vaults made * probability for vault to contain each reward * amount of rewards per vault
  2. number of red chests made * probability for red chest to contain each reward * amount of rewards per red chest
  3. number of green chests made * probability for green chest to contain each reward * amount of rewards per green chest

for example

2 vaults made = 20 glory, 2,5 gems, 3 glory keys, 1 gem key as a reward from those 2 vaults.

…but after that intro…

Below is the raw data from 4 1 hour streams. I’m yet to decide how to analyse them and I don’t know if I ever go there. When you compare rewards vs. time, you will face several questions. Should you exclude matches with no vaults, or below 100 moves or below 150 moves, or is this only an analysis on my capability to play Treasure hunt. If it’s the latter, then I can make tables of rewards/time that I can do in a long run, but it might also effect the way I play. For example I decided to run my 2nd stream late at night and almost fell asleep in the middle, which resulted in low score matches and I wasn’t even enjoying playing. So in my 3rd and 4th stream I was focusing on getting better scores which was not also feeling good. As I said earlier I should do 100 hours of streaming to even out these kind of human behaviour and it still wouldn’t be perfect.

OK, nonetheless, here is the raw data from 44 matches. The last stream was way over 1h, since I forgot to set a timer, so the average is a bit off for 1h…

From here on you are free to make your assumptions, if you feel so :slight_smile:





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This would have been a good test to do on a treasure hunt event, good luck though, it’s hard for me to do that many maps period.
Thx @Bolatsi and @Calv1n for gathering this data for us.

well, I made the moneyshot also

And one could claim that thinking is not wise