Treasure hunter trophy is still doable


The video is the last 15 minutes of this treasure hunt run. The whole run lasted maybe 25mins, maybe less…

Reducing the starting turns from 15 to 8 change the game a bit, but it doesn’t make the trophy impossible. You just need skill, patience and a bit of luck. My previous record was 4 vaults with 15 starting turns.


Well, at least you got rewarded well for the time / skill put into that run! :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for that video! I’ve been wanting to watch a high-reward video, so I can pause and compare the moves you selected against the moves that I would have gone with.

You did get very lucky a few times in that video: 0:58 and 3:50 in particular are NUTS.

Something you do is you seem to avoid matching different types of resources - in order to create an “overload” of one or two types. For example, when pushed to make a 3-match, you’ll match silvers if there is already a lot of gold on the board - creating even more cascade possibilities. Is that a conscious plan on your part?

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Nice moves/matches I enjoyed your video, if these huge move were planned your a much better player than I am! Nice job.

When I watched the video again, I was thinking:
-Why did I make that move?
-C’mon didn’t you see that!?
-etc… :slight_smile:

My plan is mostly like this:

  1. Do all these steps before EVERY move
  2. Check if there are 5 in a row possibilities
  3. If there are several of those, chose a one that doesn’t affect the others so you can also do 5 in a row in upcoming turn(s).
  4. Check if there are 4 in a row
  5. Do a move as low as possible to create cascades
  6. Clear the lowest value gems out of the board, so there is more chance for cascades as you said.

All in all I think it is wiser not to play that way if you are thinking time spent / rewards gained. Most of the times I play treasure hunt by instantly clicking what I see first. That way I can get more rewards out of several maps.


And as a side note, I am a member of Mensa, so I think that has something to do with the skills. Not that I want to brag about it, but just to mention the need of logical thinking.

dat payout though…

Still i’d love to see these tasks on mobile as well. added value!

Another 3 vault run:


One more:

Has anyone gotten 4 vaults after the update?

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Well, well…

This will be my last video of the ending 15 minutes. If I get “a perfect start” (~20 turns), I’ll post that.

Ok, this video will show

a) How to get a treasure map
b) How to start a treasure hunt run and build up the number of turns from 8 to 17.
c) How to fail miserably and finish only with 1 vault

I recommend to focus on the moments when there are several 5-in-a-row possibilities. It’s vital to try to choose a turn which also leaves the others to be made in the next turns. Also there are some moves which are done in order to create a 5-in-a-row possibility. Those turns are like 4-in-a-row turns in a long run, so you don’t lose any vital turns.

This will be the last video I post. I hope someone that is struggling with this trophy/achievement, but is determined to do it, gets some hints and ideas when watching. My tips in text form can be read from the 5th post. Good luck to everyone trying to get this trophy!


I’ve had some trouble with the recent changes to the game / treasure hunt, but finally got one game with over 200 moves. Due to this 4x animation thing, it’s now possible to play a high reward treasure hunt in 15 minutes so the PS4 video share function can save the whole game. That’s nice

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Yes, quite a few times.

Why, just this morning…

(@8:16 was my “huge tiny mistake”… could’ve had another vault… :disappointed:)


^ great play, congrats!