Treasure Hunt for beginners


Hello again!

Here is a guide to explain the basics of treasure hunting, a mode that was introduced a few weeks ago and that I find pretty fun.

Where do I go to start adventuring?

Treasure hunts happen in the region of Zhul’Kari. Just like for the Arena in Broken Spire, you’ll find the activity located on the bottom right when you click on the kingdom.

Once clicked, you will be prompted to use a Treasure map :

Oh no! We don’t have any map!

How can I get treasure maps then?

Do not worry, fellow adventurer! The game provides you with several ways to get maps.

1/ You can buy them in the shop – just go to the rewards screen and buy them for 25 glories.

2/ You can get them any time you make a cascade, i.e. matches that lead to 7+ drops. Unfortunately, I was not quick enough to do a screenshot to show it. :confused:

3/ You can get them from your guild tasks.

All in all, you can pretty easily get some. It’s now time to go adventuring!

Ok, I have access, what happens now?

Here is what a board looks like when you start a game.

On the top left corner, you’ll see a number, which starts at 15: it is the number of moves you can make. Once it reaches zero, it’s over.

There are two ways to keep the counter going:

1/ Any 4+ match “stabilizes” the counter, that is, the number doesn’t decrease. If I do a 4+ match each turn, the number will stay at 15.

2/ Any 5+ match gives you an extra turn, that is, the number of available matches increases.

You can see here that thanks to several 5+ matches, I now have 20 moves available. You obviously can get higher. Personally, I’ve never been over 27 moves… yet. :stuck_out_tongue: But I’m sure there are players out there who have done much better! :slight_smile:

Be careful though: you only gain ONE extra turn per cascade. So even if you get 5 “extra turn” text during a cascade, you will still only gain one. So sometimes, it’s better to avoid a cascade in order to actually get 2 extra turns rather than one.

It should also be noted that cascade matches are made immediately, rather than falling first.


Here you can see that the silver coins are going to create a gold coin in the middle lane.

And the match with the two other gold coins is made immediately, even if in classic mode the new gold coin would have fallen, meaning you’d have to use an extra move to make that match. You can actually often use this mechanic to your advantage.

Ok, so… what are all these different items to match?

Glad you asked!
When you match items, instead of disappearing from the board, they transform into a different one:

  • 3+ bronze coins turn into a silver coin.
  • 3+ silver coins turn into a gold coin.
  • 3+ gold coins turn into a pouch.
  • 3+ pouches turn into a brown chest.
  • 3+ brown chests turn into a green chest.
  • 3+ green chests turn into a red chest.
  • 3+ red chests turn into a baby motherlode.

But… why? What is the point of all this?

The point, dear treasure plunderer, is to get as many big treasures as possible!
When your counter reaches zero, the game rewards you according to what is left on the board.

Here is a breakdown of the rewards for each item:

  • Bronze coin: 1 gold
  • Silver coin: 3 gold
  • Gold coin: 10 gold

  • Pouch: 25 gold or 3 souls

  • Brown chest: 65 gold, 7 souls or 1 glory point

  • Green chest: 175 gold, 15 souls, 2 glory points or 1 gem

  • Red chest: 400 gold, 35 souls, 5 glory points, 1 gem or 1 iron key

  • Motherlode: 1000 gold, 80 souls, 10 glory points, 2 gems, 2 iron keys or 1 magic key

Note that the rewards increase according to the container: you gain more gold if you open a motherlode than you would a green chest, for instance.

You can also adapt your play according to what you want to farm: if you hope to get gems for instance, it’s better to stop at the green chests since the red chest and the motherlode decrease your chance at getting some. On the other hand, if you’re hoping for keys, red chests and motherlodes become your goals. And if you’re anything like me, you just play for fun! :slight_smile:

Ok so how do I know what I won?

At the end of the game, all of your items disappear from the board one by one, and you can see the rewards you gain from them on the right of your screen.

Here are three examples of treasure hunting rewards. You can see that the rewards may vary quite a lot from one game to the next. One game can mostly gives you gold, another one mostly souls, and another one a bit of everything. It’s all down to luck.

Is it worth it? Should I buy maps with my glory?

That one is really up to you. A lot of people think it isn’t worth because the rewards are not high enough for the 25 glories you pay. I disagree because I think it’s a fun mode and I mostly play it for a change of pace in the game and I don’t expect any specific rewards; my goal is always to go as long as possible, just for fun. But seeing that you can get them for free when you make a cascade and that you can gain some from guild tasks, you don’t need to spend glories on them necessarily. It really depends on why you’re playing them. If you don’t really have fun, just don’t buy them. You can get all the rewards they provide more quickly through classic means (soul or gold farming line-ups / invades / arena / guild tasks).
That being said, I will keep buying some regularly because I enjoy treasure hunting and I’ve got quite a lot of glories that don’t really have much use. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you enjoy it too or not.

Can I go now? Tyri’s been waiting for ages!

Sure, don’t keep the lady waiting, and have fun, fellow adventurer!

On Treasure Maps
Treasure Map Reward Drop Rates
The Shopping Guide

Uwah! Another 15 Gems on their way to you @Archenassa!

The Shopping Guide

Can confirm from experience.


Still haven’t gone over 27. :sweat:


No worries, it took me a long time to break 24. The screenshot I posted was from a very lucky string of matches.


Time to dig this from the past and bring it back from the dead. Bam this post has been bumped for those who need a quick look at maps.


I’ve played Treasure Hunt quite a few times recently (I’m a new player, but probably played over 90 hours in the last 10 days).

I’ll try to provide what’s missing/wrong, but so far:

  1. Map cost in Glory. It costs 30 Glory, not 25.

  1. Up-to-date board screenshot with right key images

  1. Re-check values
  • Bronze Coin: 1 Gold
  • Silver Coin: 3 Gold
  • Gold Coin: 10 Gold
  • Pouch: 30 Gold or 3 Souls
  • Brown Chest: 80 Gold, 8 Souls or 2 Glory
  • Green Chest: 200 Gold, 20 Souls, 6 Glory or 1 Gem
  • Red Chest: 500 Gold, 50 Souls, 15 Glory, 2 Gems or 2 Glory Keys
  • Vault: 1,250 Gold, 125 Souls, 40 Glory, 3 Gems, 6 Glory Keys or 2 Gem Keys

I’ll update this list as I find out more, or as people post up-to-date values.

@Archenassa, if you’d be so kind as to update your guide as I update this info, I’d be grateful :slight_smile:


Oh, wait, maybe there are different versions that I don’t know of? I’ve been playing on PC / Steam.


xbox and ps4 have different versions of the game. Xbox and PS4 have earlier versions of the game.


Note that these tips were based on Treasure Hunt prior to patch 1.0.9, and I don’t think they apply anymore. I always go for 5 and 4 matches now.

How about general strategies? My personal answers are in italic, but I’m not sure whether they’re the best or not

  • What ingredients do you do 4-gem matches with?
    From Bronze Coins to Pouches. On rare occasions, if I think there’s a chance to get a 5-gem match or set up for a 5-gem match, I can do Brown Chests as well.
  • What about 5-gem matches?
    Same as above, except I’m not as inclined to do Brown Chests.
  • Do you always go for 4 and 5-gem matches before doing something else?
    Yes, always. Preferrably 5-gem matches. Unless there’s a 4-gem match that mostly sure will set me up for a 5-gem match afterwards.
  • If you have multiple options for 4 OR 5-gem matches, how do you choose which to do first, when it’s not clear whether you’ll be able to do first? Do you match the most common items then? Or do you pick the ones that are more at the top/bottom?
    If I’m sure I can do both, I follow the order that will allow me to do so. If it’s either one or the other, I always go for the most common item. If not, I try to match something at the bottom to make the board change a little bit more.
  • When you don’t have 4 or 5-gem matches available, how do you pick what to match?
    Either the most valuable items, or the ones at the bottom, to make the board change a little bit more.

How about you guys? Honestly, I try not to spend too much time on Treasure Hunts, but I did take my sweet time when I was still beginning the game and every resource was precious (used to spend all my Glory on Maps, too, but not anymore)


The guide is too old to be updated. I should make a new one, but I haven’t had time yet.


I like playing TH. I find it a nice change from time to time and I enjoy it for the challenge. … Though I do wish the payout wasn’t so random. As I mentioned in another post last week?, I actually had something like 4 vaults, 4 red chest, 6 green, etc… and didn’t get as much as a key and think only 2/3 gems? Think the gold payout for that one was around 3.5K?. But then have had times ending up with only 1 vault and a few reds/greens and get 2 irons and 1 magic? Just seems a lot more random than I would expect.

My wife was actually able to make 5 vaults the other night, and she was awarded something like 4 irons, and 2 magics, and a good amount of other stuff. Just like to see more payouts like this.


Finally managed to complete my up-to-date table of prizes! That vault just wasn’t dropping Glory keys…


I’m currently updating my info on rewards in order to keep up with the recent update. Help is appreciated!


If anyone knows drop info for Vaults, please reply!

I need only the info on Gold now (I think it’s probably 1,250, but a confirmation would be nice)


EDIT: Now it’s done =)


Vaults are 125 souls.


I confirm it’s 1,250 Gold from Vaults.