Treasure Hunt and Map Farming Rates at 4x Speed

Here are the new Treaure Map and Treasure Hunt farming rates as of the 3.0.5 patch.

Current rates for the treasure hunt minigame per hour are:

600 Glory
50,000 Gold
4,000 Souls
30 Gems
80 Traitstones
Minus 60 Maps

Current rates for obtaining treasure maps are:

120 Per Hour, 2 Per Minute
Green Seer | Giant Spider | Tyri | Tyri | Frozen Banner

Alternatively, newer players can get a free Tyri from Zhul’kari and use the following for a similar, but slightly slower rate:

Dryad | Goblin Shaman | Dryad | Frozen Banner

No traits are required for either team, but it would be useful to have the mana link on the Giant Spider and Dryad.


Mobile possibly being able to collect more tributes totally makes up for not having this.

Tribute every minute would. :smiley:

Also, that seems slightly broken with people using both, even if it is only a twice per hour increase.

Someone could just play on PC and claim tribute on Mobile.

PvP is still more rewarding by a long shot.

Yes, PvP still quickest method.

I am going to be trying everything 1 at a time. Next is likely Arena or soul farming. Saving PvP for last due to it needing multiple weeks to test.

If you don’t care about other ressources you can easily get 60 gems per hours, just try to make the more green chest as you can And you can get average 2 gems per 1min-2min

Yea, just stare blankly at the bottom of the screen and let cascades get extra turns and stop at green chests. Got a 60 glory off 60 moves yesterday! It’s much better now.