Translation specific thread for discussion

I’m sure the native German speaker was thinking that if you’re hungry you of course need to hunt, therefore hunter.

Absolutely logical. :roll_eyes::joy:


Besides plain errors, like typos, it’s always to consider some factors when giving materials to external translators:

  1. context. For several languages, context is important as there may be more than one translation to a single word. Also gender change slightly nouns. English is quite simple in both verbal forms and construction, other languages aren’t.
  2. constraints. Being translations to be integrated in a UI, probably they have set max string lenght, which may impact translation quality
  3. content correction. Sometimes a typo in English change completely intended meaning; if this typo is made available to translators, they will translate accordingly. If correction is made only on main language not performing a second round of translation or without highlighting corrections things may slip easily.

Sincerely to me it is quite astonishing that there is not a quicker correction of translations that completely changes the meaning of a card spell… [Deep sea king, I’m looking at you. … true damage or damage??]. that is serious issue, also leading to some ticket opening…
Can’t understand the logic…

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@Kafka stated that they only have translators who are familiar with the game. So no external should be involved imo.

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External to development team. AFAIK they don’t get game content but only a file with string to translate. Thus they have to guess where they are going to be positioned.

Leslie is correct about (adress)?

Yeah, Leslie is pretty correct about (adress)!!!

Any other (silly) questions to Leslie? :stuck_out_tongue: :kissing_heart: :roll_eyes:

You have excellent day, Hauptmann. :rofl:

Sunday freebie:

  "[SPELL8715_DESC]": "Destroy all Green Gems. Create Blue Gems equal to the number of Green Gems destroyed. There are 2 independent 30% chances to devour a random Enemy.",
  "[SPELL8715_DESC]": "Zerstöre alle grüne Edelsteine. Erschaffe blaue Edelsteine gleich der Anzahl zerstörter Edelsteine. Es bestehen unabhängige 30% Chancen, 2 zufällige Feinde zu verschlingen.",

Troop: Piscea - German translation says there’s an unspecified number of chances (>1) to devour two enemies (in one go). German Piscea can devour the entire enemy team in one cast.


Clearly just ‘Muttersprachler’ -things.


Almost forgot posting a Sunday freebie!

  "[SPELL8518_DESC]": "Destroy a Row. Burn a random Enemy for every Purple Gem destroyed.",
  "[SPELL8518_DESC]": "Zerstöre eine zufällige Reihe. Verbrenne einen zufälligen Feind für jeden zerstörten lilanen Edelstein.",

Darkfire Spear is extraordinarily random in the German translation. It destroys a random row!
Also purpledesianousious.

Sunday? More translation issues that won’t ever get fixed. ‘Yay’

  "[SPELL8721_DESC]": "Choose a Gem, and destroy its column. Then create 6 Bomb Gems, and deal {1} scatter damage.",
  "[SPELL8721_DESC]": "Wähle einen Edelstein und zerstöre seine Reihe und Spalte. Erschaffe danach 6 Edelsteinbomben und verursache {1} Streuschaden.",

German Shock Hammer shockingly destroys both a row and a column. Mild shock.

Maybe we have to gather dozends of errors and put them in a new bug report. Currently I don’t think that anyone is payin attention, but if we could gather 20-50 of those “typos” and stuff, we might have a chance to make them listen.


Just wanted to pop in and let you know @OminousGMan has been going through and grabbing the translation issues and reporting them to the team! :sparkles:

Just passed on your most recent ones as well @sls


@Jeto & @OminousGMan
If you are already fixing translation errors, could you change all 3rd traits of those troops/classes to the following wording in order of appearance:

“Alle [Troop Type in german] starten mit 50% Mana.”

“Alle Schurken starten mit 50% Mana.” > Captain Macaw
“Alle Himmlischen starten mit 40% Mana.” > Divine Ishbaala (HER NAME should also be corrected to "Göttliche Ishbaala or even better “Himmlische Ishbaala”)
“Alle Drachen starten mit 50% Mana.” > Essencia
“Alle Bestien starten mit 50% Mana.” > Forest Guardian

“Alle Orks starten mit 50% Mana.” > Gar’Nok
“Alle Menschen starten mit 50% Mana.” > Holy St. Astra
“Alle Elfen starten mit 50% Mana.” > King Avelorn
“Alle Zwerge starten mit 50% Mana.” > King Highforge

“Alle Tauren starten mit 50% Mana.” > King Minos
“Alle Feen starten mit 50% Mana.” > King Oberron
“Alle wilden Völker starten mit 50% Mana.” > King Silenus
“Alle Ritter starten mit 50% Mana.” > Sir Quentin Hadley

“Alle Untote starten mit 50% Mana.” > The Ghost Queen
“Alle Elementare starten mit 50% Mana.” > The Maraji Queen
“Alle Meervölker starten mit 50% Mana.” > Triton
“Alle Urska starten mit 50% Mana.” > Urskula

“Alle Konstrukte starten mit 50% Mana.” > Geomancer
“Alle Mech starten mit 50% Mana.” > Mechanist

“Alle Schamanen starten mit 50% Mana.” > Shaman
“Alle Riesen starten mit 50% Mana.” > Titan

Currently they have very mixed german translations and that’s pretty annoying.

@: Let me know if I missed someone :wink:


Thanks for taking the time to reply, @Jeto. It’s appreciated!

  "[SPELL8649_DESC]": "Deal {1} damage to all Enemies. Then create 3 x4 Wildcards.",
  "[SPELL8649_DESC]": "Füge einem Feind {1} Schaden zu. Dann erschaffe 3 x4 Platzhalter.",

^^ This issue with the German translation was raised 9 months ago and it went straight to the digital landfill.

Thus, I feel compelled to ask very specifically:

Is anyone at IP2/505 going to commit to getting at least parts of the translation fixed?
If the company isn’t going to commit, then at least have it display a minimum of human decency and inform the community.


@Jeto please can you add the following translation issues with Italian to the list:

They can all be found, here on a Google Doc: Translation Errors - Google Sheets

Along with all the above German Issues:


The following troops and all classes with Shadow tree conjure a Darkstorm

During battle it’s called “Finstersturm”

In german some troops conjur a “Finstersturm”:

and some conjure a “Dunkelsturm”:

From my perspective it should be “Dunkelsturm”, but this can be decided by the community imo.

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The delve room “Entangled Path” is translated to “Wickelndes Bad” (“Entangled Bath”) and should be “Wickelnder Pfad” or “Verwickelnder Pfad”.

Currently no pic available. Maybe tomorrow.


We’re working through grabbing these as well :sparkles:


That’s nice and all, but is anything going to happen to any of the issues that you are collecting, @Jeto?

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