translation problem from french to english

good evening

I play almost every day at gems of war for several months. it’s good to create new maps but what is less good is to forget to translate in FRENCH all the capabilities of the new maps (spells, aspects, and explanations of the effects of the spell) because me and English We have never been very good friends when you create a new card I usually have 5 months to understand how it works. here is an example: the explanation of the fate of the dragon turtle a card that was created by you and this is what its effect of the spell says: “avoid all damage effects targeting the whole team.” when I read that for the first time understand nothing at all.

Je crois que tu parles de l’effet “Submerge” (sous l’eau en francais)

Ce que ca fait, c’est que un allié submergé n’est pas affecté par les sorts qui affectent tous les alliés

Par exemples les sorts dont l’effet affecte tout les adverseiares n’afferaient pas ceux qui sont submergé

EN Version: I think he’s talking about the “submerge” effect