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Transform / recycle traitstones

Now runesmith is available on xbox so why not give him a job at Khaziel? :slight_smile:

Broken spike and Zhul kari have arena and treasure hunt, would be nice if Khaziel had Recycle traitstone.

For ex: 3 same arcanic could be recycled in 1 another desired arcanic
. 5 same runic could be recycled in 1 another desired runic
7 same majors…
10 same minors…

If it threaten ingame economy, a price in gems can also be added to minors,majors,runics and arcane: 1, 2, 3 and 5 gems or 1,3,5 and 10 gems.


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How much simpler does it have to get to obtain specific Arcanes than Exploration? That mode singlehandedly devalued Arcanes by a large amount, as now it is actually feasible (and kinda fun, with random battles with troops time forgot) to grind out 1-3 missing stones if you’ve got a few hours to spare.



OP is a Console player. Explore is a looooooooong time away for us, at least 4 more months

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Ah. Well in that case I change my reply to:

Console team has enough to do to catch up, let alone create new minigames that they will eventually have to live with when Explore arrives (and that will affect their economy in precisely the sorts of ways they want the PC team to pioneer).

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When one considers that the PC version is over a year older and Consoles are only 3-5 months behind, PC players had to suffer longer with these issues.

I dont know what is exploration mode. I would just appreciate to be able to transform my 100+ venom arcanes now i have 3 traits on all purple/green units.

Explore mode is a random challenge mode with a higher chance to get good traitstones. Not on consoles yet.

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