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Traitstone Farming

So then no? Because the two posts above contradict each other. Been trying to farm Arcane Lava for my Jarl Firemantle. I got lucky within my first 5 challenges on normal in Grosh-Nak (all quests and challenges we’re already finished) and I got 1. Since then I haven’t had any luck and have only really been doing those challenges when trying to complete daily tasks with a specific team.

This is what the PC/Mobile dev said on the topic:

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The problem is that not everyone is ready or greedy. If they increase the pace without factoring that in, many players just barely keeping up would suddenly find themselves hopelessly “behind.”

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It was a tongue in cheek comment. Personally, I would be happy not buying multiple event troops each week in order to catch up.

No doubt a lot wouldn’t. Mr.Strange alluded to needing to make glory more readily available to release extra event troops; probably not a goer though.


Fair enough! My bad; the Internet and sarcasm sometimes mix poorly.


Absolutely. I should have used multiple exclamation marks, I find that helps.

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It increased the drop rate of a stone dropping at the end of a battle, but did not increase the chances for higher or lower rarity of stones to drop. Not sure if xbox/ps4 is still in 1.95 or if it is in 2.0 and if it is in 2.0 the drop rate should be 100% chance to get a stone at the end of battle.

I always get a traitstone, just wanted to know if playing on a higher difficulty would increase the chances of getting Arcane, and it was answered that difficulty doesn’t affect the rarity

Totally agree with you! I was going to comment the same thing in the other thread when that discussion was going on, but I was at work and it looked like I was in the minority anyway so I reluctantly kept quiet.

As someone who admittedly probably has more glory than most others, and maybe acquires it more easily, I personally don’t think the availability of glory should be much of a factor, if at all, in the decision of whether or not to double up event troops. If purchasing them with glory was the only way to obtain them, it would be one thing, but players can still obtain them fairly easily with previously purchased event keys. If they don’t have any event keys, they can purchase more. If those are too expensive, they can use/purchase gem keys. Glory keys provide another alternative.

Having a second troop as an event troop just opens the door of possibility toward obtaining the troop. It’s up to the player whether he wants to spend the necessary resources to make that a possibility a reality. And that door will forever be open; the player will always have a chance at pulling the troop through gem keys and glory keys, and occasionally through event keys.

If the alternative is that the console falls further behind PC/mobile in number of troops, I think the door needs to be opened up sooner rather than later.

I may be wrong but I assumed the issue people may have is missing out on purchasing the arcane stones (rather than the troop itself).

I would live with it and wait for the next opportunity to get the arcanes in order to catch up.

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I hear you, but the flip side is true as well: with two possible troops, players that do have the glory have more choices of Arcanes to choose from, instead of having to settle for Arcane swamps for the fourth time or whatever. Theoretically, desired Arcane colors would come around twice as frequently as well, so there would be less waiting for that one magical stone.

It’s like saying Microsoft/Sony shouldn’t continue to release great games, because players are running out of money and don’t have the time to play the games they already have. The more logical conclusion is that players need to budget their money/time and make wise decisions about which games to buy, maybe sacrificing purchasing some now so that in the future they’ve saved up enough to purchase those games or maybe even some better ones that may be coming down the pipeline.

I don’t disagree, but there’s also the chance that the “waiting around” for the one traitstone you want, might be driving sales of arcanes in the store. Just a thought; if they release multiple troops in packs that contain useful traitstones (which is not the case on PC, since one troop is common and has a mono stone) they could discourage arcane stone pack sales.

They dont call you einstein for nothing :+1:

Agree completely.

I dont have time to check whats left to release right now but…

Perhaps they could match a useful troop with common(s) some weeks and release two troops with the same mana colours other times

I agree, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other considerations (money, development time, deployment time, etc.) at play. And if there are, that’s fine.

I only brought up the availability of glory because that was the one that was specifically mentioned in the other thread. And I guess my feeling is that this consideration should be given very low priority.

I too am ready and greedy. The sooner I can have access to something, I want to have access to it. :slight_smile:

That may be the logical choice for the player, but it should be obvious that it’s not the logical choice for a company providing a product or service. Since their goal is to capture revenue, they do consider the availability of disposable income and competition for it when choosing when and what to release to the public.

The logic doesn’t apply directly to glory, because that’s not a resource that the company is trying to capture. Their revenue model depends on long-term retention and occasional purchases, which means carefully managing player frustration. Push too hard, and while purchasing will spike, retention will drop. Relieve too much pressure, and both purchasing and retention taper off.

And then you have players like me, who will get as much as possible while spending as little as possible. My only stake in Gems is the $10 I spent on gems to get armors to clear console tasks back when those were a thing. I know I could have done the treasure maps to death for the gems but I save that for when I wanted the Dragon Armor. So much glory spent… so worth it.

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Support the developers. Buy your death knight armor like a good little pony. Or I’ll post the canned unicorn meat from amazon pics again lol

Nuuuu! I dun wanna! pouts