Traitstone farming teams

So after watching Tacet’s video on XP and traitstone farming from a few weeks back
( Gems of War: Exp and Traitstone Farming - YouTube ), I went to try it out and found that without a couple of the magic kingdoms at 5*, and some of the magic bonuses from higher hero levels, it’s actually quite hard to one-shot a team even on normal.

So I started looking around for other possibilities that might work better at lower levels, but I’m curious as to what others use or think might work. I’ll start with some of my own:

Note: I’m going to assume 4 magic kingdoms at level 10, as a base. This is reasonably easy to obtain even at lower levels. (Especially with doing a lot of PVP)

Also all class choices are based on level 20 in the class to get the +5 Magic Bonus with a certain colour of weapon. And also taking the +2 Magic perk.

Scythe Harvesting
Old God’s Banner (Purple/Purple)
Twisted Hero
Giant Spider*,6104,6181,6110

Notes: Any scythe, or purple based weapon can work here. I’ve put Creeping Death (Magic+1 damage) as it’s the easiest to obtain, and adds the Death Marks for an added bonus (but shouldn’t be relied upon). The other equivalent option would be Scythe of Corruption which only requires a Purple Mastery of 17, and doesn’t have the Death Marks. Wicked Scythe (Magic as damage) at 7 Purple Mastery is an ok back up at 1 less damage. The best option would be Morthani’s Scythe at 30 Purple Mastery (Magic+4 damage), with Death’s Grasp (Magic+2) at 27 Purple Mastery in second. Crescendo would also be viable I think, but is only avaliable through special events or bundles, so if you don’t already have it, you’re out of luck for now. (Like me)

With Old God’s and two Magic Links (Sorc and G.Spider) Creeping Death, Death’s Grasp and Wicked Scythe fill up in 2 matches, however Morthani’s, Crescendo, and Scythe of Corruption are all 15 Mana, and so would take 1 extra mana to fill. You could probably throw in a second G.Spider instead of one of the other two to get around this though.

Speaking of the other troops, they’re all there to mitigate the issue of you not having purple matches to make. Other than brown, any match you make moves you closer to more purple. And if you get really lucky and have Twisted Hero’s ability hit magic on your hero, you game will probably end very quickly :wink:

In most cases this team clears challenges (at Master rank, normal) in 2 casts, depending on the challenge (try to get one that doesn’t have any Epic or higher troops in the kingdom you want)

This next team is theoretical as I don’t have the weapon (or traits) to test it:

Holy Banner (Yellow/Yellow)
Sun and Moon / Priest**
Dust Devil**,6167,6005,6156

The idea behind this team is to use Mercy’s Empowered to try and get Sun and Moon off in the first turn. It will be a bit hit and miss based on starting board layout, but Alchemist is there to help out if you get stuck. Dust Devil is only in there for the Air Link, though if you have him as Empowered, he can help get that earlier kill.

You could in theory run this team under Purple, but since Mercy converts Purple to Yellow, I felt it was easier to focus on Priest.

Final note: You could in theory do Tacet’s video farming team (Hero, Soothsayerx3) with Mechanist now assuming you have the third trait, though you will be missing out on the +2 Magic perk that Archer has (since Mechanist doesn’t have it, and you’ll want the Construct one anyways)

Anyone else got any interesting ideas for fast traitstone farming?

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Acolyte***, dustdevil*** x3 is mine and to be fair i use the frozen banner.

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Why do people use Acolyte instead of Deep Borer?

Deep borer removes a column and create the brown gems while the colum is removed meaning that if you select the complete right or complete left column, you will have as much gems created in a smaller place, so more chances for a surge… Not to mention the removed column is actually destroyed => mana generation

That said, this team doesn’t look very efficient…

Back on topic, I don’t farm traitstones anymore, but when I did, I didn’t have only one team, I made a team depending on the challenge I wanted to farm. A lot of marauders? Gob Eater. A lot of Wildfolks? Wild Fang. Very few HP but lot of armor? Crimson Bat. Etc…


You get bonus to brown mana with acolyte and his traits affect the opponent outside of tanking. He can grow fast if his spell hits his magic.a few times.

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Well, I don’t understand your deck at all then, is it supposed to be built around Dust Devil spell spam or Acolyte growing in strength?

You use a banner to fuel Acolyte and have a stone link to fuel Dust Devil. With Deep Borer you could pick a banner for dust devil and have water link on Deep Borer to fuel himself, it’s the same thing. So, on the trait / mana color side, Deep Borer is on par with Acolyte.

Now, yes, Acolyte can grow “fast”, but so does Green Slime and it is much more effective at doing combos.

However is your deck supposed to work, I’m pretty sure you can find a deck that does basicaly the same way but better / faster.

Yes. Just yes. [quote=“Zelarith, post:5, topic:8315”]
However is your deck supposed to work, I’m pretty sure you can find a deck that does basically the same way but better / faster.

Surprisingly just for farming traits it works well enough to get me a win streak against the ai but i only farm trait stones in challenges. It is fast if you fully trait dustdevil, i have +3 to yellow +1 to brown, +2 to blue +1 to purple -1 to red for gem matches. This means filling troops will be fast for the 4 colors i use. I can run it as dustdevil spam if i so need to set up a specific line up for my opponent to use for the match or what ever i need. the team is very versatile for what it is.

I just took Tacet’s idea and ran with what I had

Hero (Warlock) Strongest aoe purple you have
Soothsayer x3 (3)

3 curses going off and usually the ability to charge up within 3 turns. Not quite as fast but close enough in most situations and all still die when hero uses the weapon.


How many Magic kingdoms you got at 5*?

Also if you’re looking at just using the Cursed hits, you might be better with Ancient Horror** x3
Gives you the Cursed, but also the Magic Links to get you charged up even faster. You do lose the Mana Destroy of the Soothsayers though.

All 4 but that’s the nice thing about Soothsayer. He will boost the magic too aside from mana making (and since the hero doesn’t block him in mine, if you’re having bad boards, you can usually recharge 1 at the least giving you 4 cracks at it.)

The only thong that’s a must for speed is Soothsayer being fully traited.

Banner of Progress

You can beat Challenges in 10 turns or less, no matter what you face and you get Souls while farming Traitstones

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I never really understood this part… The magic can help, but they take turns to cast, and while they can fill up the hero you’re still looking at more than 1 hit unless you have a couple of 5* magic kingdoms. Unless I’m missing something completely?

I’ll have to try this out and see how it goes. Any required traits?

Just make sure you have the 3 Water Links and everyone fills up insanely fast with Valkyrie

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Morthanti’s Scythe does 11 damage to all. With a fully leveled purple hero (Warlock or Necromancer though Warlock trait 1 gives +1 purple matches) bumps that to 16 damage all with 0 magic kingdoms to 10.

Soothsayer can bump that up while using him to help fill the hero if need be. If something is still alive, again Soothsayer can destroy enough skulls to clean up the stragglers. Now it might take more than a turn to charge the hero but it should happen before you run out of charged Soothsayers.

And if I have 4 magic kingdoms at 10, then I’m at the 20 damage all as mentioned in the video too

Fair enough, I don’t have Morthani’s yet so I’m still stuck with Creeping Death for another 10-15 levels (depending on Mastery options), and Mothani’s is a big damage jump over Creeping Death/Scythe of Corruption by 3 base points (Death’s Grasp is only +1, but also only 3 mastery points before Mothani’s, so you won’t be using it for that long).

Yeah I used Creeping Death for the longest time too. Yeah it takes a little longer but still was faster than most other options I had.

Warlord with Staff of Madness
3x Soothsayer***

Blighted Lands Banner

Ends matches under 90 seconds.

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I use
1.Max,d morthani’s scythe
Sorcery class full trait’d(tactician,stealthy’tree of knowledge)
2.giant spider 1st trait
3.valkyrie full trait
4. Venbarak 2nd trait
For my Banner:
In play if there’s purple 2 matches of 3 up, scythe will be full. fire it off, if it doesn’t kill all immediately from the damage all the create 7 skulls usually finishes them.
IMPORTANT to max the scythe for 3 abilities
Dusk destroy 1 our gem-extra mana even if 1
Dying-create 1 skull-it can be the difference between a 1 hit team no and a whiff
Leeching-steal 2 mana nuff said

Now if purple gems are lacking then I look for g,b, or yellow to fix my mana

Venbarak is purely back up.
The 2nd trait is nice but if for some reason if scythe dies I have an alt win con

That being said most games last 30-50 seconds depending on board state
Ocassionally misfiring and running at 50-1:15