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Traits 'n' Talents


Hello folks,

I’ve put together a webpage that allows you to browse the Traits and Talents of all classes in a way I feel is easier than the in-game method.

I would like to submit it to you for intial testing as I am sure there will be browser/device issues I have not considered, and I would be grateful for feedback, either regarding content or the user experience.

Looking forward to hear what you think :slight_smile:


Responsive filtering:


This is great, very helpful for team building. Is it possible to add a text search? Thanks for creating it.

To search talent descriptions?

Without making the page too complex I think this would look like another overlaid page with 1 or more search results, user clicks on the one they want and this auto selects the associated talent tree. Does that sound about right?


Text search would be fabulous!

Great tool dude, saving this to my bookmarks.

Edit: why are some words yellow?

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Hey @NerdieBirdie, thanks for the response. You’re not the first to ask so I wish I could highlight the line in my post the same color to bring attention to it:

Highlighted traits/talents have a particular synergy with the chosen class based on color or trooptype.

I will be adding a ‘help’ page to explain this, though. :slight_smile:


Sounds good, but you’re right, keeping the page simple is best. Just by using this table I’ll get better at remembering the talent trees. Thanks again.

Really intuitive site, good job. I appreciated having an easy way to find what classes provided the color-based weapon magic bonuses.

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I took a GoW break. But I’m alright now.

I’ve added the free-text search. You can find it behind the magnifying glass icon on the Filter page.