Trait -Impervious- Bug

My Elemaugrim Max level Full Crafting Full Traits
Trait Impervios - Immune Devour-
But Elmaugrim is eaten by Kraken.

Unfortunately this has been going on for a while.

You must be quite lucky to have only just experienced it.

This is a known issue.

It is fixed in the latest beta builds so hopefully you won’t have to wait long for it to go live.

What does it mean exactly?

Impervious correctly defends against Devour and Mana Burn again in the beta. (I don’t know what version it’ll be on release.)

Additionally, matches of exactly 4 Gems will no longer have a chance to Mana Surge (essentially reverting that behavior to pre-3.0). I think that change will go a long way toward reducing the landslide effects of gameplay that have recently jumped to the forefront of player concern.

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That was my question.
Thanks none the less. :slight_smile: