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Trait and troop change since update questions

I have 2 questions.

  1. I recently found out that for some traits to work the troop has to be in front of all the other troops. Is there a list somewhere of all traits that need the troop to be in front for it to work?
  2. Since the update, some troops have changed description of what they do. Is there a list of all the changes to troops that were made since the update came out.

Traits that effect everyone are the 1 extra mana, and the ones that say allies in it.
Check the second most recent patch notes for pc for troop changes. It’s around somewhere… try the website front page or a ways back in official news topic.

there is really no traits that requires unit to be put in first position unless stated so in the trait
example: Leader (Gain 3 to all Skills if in first position.)

there are a couple of traits that are connected to skulll damage - and since only the ‘first from top’ unit deals with skull damage then only that troop’s trait is used in those cases but it is not necesarely the literal first position, if your 1st troop dies then its the whatever unit is on top.

example: Armor Piercing (50% chance to ignore Armor with Skull damage.) - only triggers if the troop that has it deals the skull damage
example: Burning (Inflict Burning when enemies deal Skull damage to me.) - only works if skull damage is dealt to that unit
example: Bloodsucking (Deal double Skull damage to wounded enemies.) - only works if the unit that deals skull damage has this trait

i am pretty sure that if you think about it for a while you could see mechanism here

edit: thats how it works on pc/mobile but i assume xbox got the update that suppose to adjust to pc/mobile in this case?

You first question was covered nicely above.

Second question: I don’t think so. In another thread there was a brief discussion as others posters believed the developers need lots of time to craft the patch notes as they we NOT going to cut and paste the update notes as a fair number of troops had changed. I was unfortunately correct (cntl-c/cntl-v)… never did return to that thread though.

Anyhow below is the link to the gameplay changes (I know its not what you were looking for, but its what we have)

This type of problem should be eliminated by early next year when we are all caught up.

Thanks guys for the help.