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Towers cascading

Something has to be done about the cheating for the a.i. I understand u can’t win every battle hell at my level I expect to lose 50% if the time but how can devs say game is not cheating when I’m sitting here watching towers get multiple extra turns to full mana in back to back matches and skulls falling perfectly in to place just when I’m about to win…I’m not sure if the programming of this game but I’m pretty sure the a.i. are set to God mode after a certain level


The Ai doesn’t cheat it has been tested many times. Your just unlucky

Can we have a special category for these RNG-cheat-whinge threads? So I can mute them all?



The AI isn’t cheating. It’s programmed that way.

Tested by who

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High end play in GoW is very, very swingy. The trick is when we’re not stuck with one troop type we build teams that do crazy cascades in our favor, and only lose in exceptional circumstances.

For example, Divine Ishbaala converts green to yellow and red to skulls. In the right circumstances, that means you get a lot of free turns and a ton of damage. In the wrong circumstances, you give your opponent a very nice present.

In the presence of the rest of a Divines team, the board is often in a state where Ishbaala, Mercy, and Infernus feed off each other and you destroy an entire team in one long series of free turns. That’s “good synergy”.

In Invasion, we don’t have good synergy. Herdmaster’s about the only “good” accelerator we have. But all it does is explode random gems on the board. That has a “pretty good” chance of making extra turns or skull matches for you. But it is just as likely to set up a really nice board for the towers. Strategists call this a “high variance” choice. When Herdmaster works for you it REALLY WORKS. When it doesn’t, you hand the game to your towers.

So you should look at your team and figure out why it’s so good at setting up the board for the towers. If you’re using Herdmaster or another troop that affects many gems, consider switching to a less impactful troop. Your game will get slower and less dramatic, but when you aren’t making large, random board impacts you are more in control of what your enemy gets.

That said, sometimes Lady Luck blows on another guy’s dice.


The Devs and Beta Testers

I have a team comprising Great Maw, Divine Ishbaala, Infernus and Mercy which, if the gems fall right, can wipe out an entire high level PVP enemy team without them ever getting a single turn!

Now if I was on the receiving end of that, without knowing how the game operates, I’d probably feel pretty aggrieved. However, by the same token, I also know that, sometimes the gems will fall for the enemy and it’s my side that gets wiped.

It happens.

There again, I’ve sometimes seen the AI playing in “Stupid Mode” where it passes up 4 matches, doesn’t take Skulls or use a spell which will kill my most powerful troop. Again, of course, sometimes I’ve been stupid, missed a 4, been clumsy and made the wrong match, targetted the wrong enemy etc.

Again, it happens, it’s just part of the game.

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