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Towers are immune to part of what makes Siegebreakers special

Platform, device version and operating system

Screenshot or image
None needed.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
When an event revolves around a troop that comes with “more damage to boss, plus Entangle”, I get visions of trying to build teams that exploit Entangle. This is an interesting challenge and seems fun.

Instead, Invasions present me with 4x opponents immune to Entangle, and I wonder why the heck I bothered planning anything other than “spam Mang” and “protect Mang” as mechanics.

Raid Boss isn’t quite so susceptible to this problem because you only ever face 1x of the thing that might be immune, give or take some other random troops.

I think if you give all of these special event troops “damage plus status”, that status should be a superstar for the week. Otherwise I’m left wondering why it’s there. This isn’t a bug, I think it’s a developmental oversight. I know you want towers to be challenging, but I think they could still be quite challenging if you’re careful about which immunities they have. (Devour/instakill and Stun immunities make a lot of sense to keep.)

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
About once every three weeks.

Steps to make it happen again

  • Participate in an invasion.

This isn’t a bug, agreed.

Debatable design planning, but not a bug.

EDIT to clarify why I put this: I am reclassifying it to the gameplay chat category and not bugs.

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Which is EXACTLY what was stated… reading must be hard huh?


I’m calling it a “development issue” until some dev answers, “Yes, I intentionally decided to give these troops abilities that would not be useful in their events.”" So sue me.

I made the point as I reclassified the thread to gameplay chat and not bugs. I guess you didn’t notice that and it was easier just to be rude to me.

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No it was there all along mid paragraph

Jeez, get a divorce already, guys. This isn’t the thread to discuss if I wrote something that’s clearly in a paragraph I wrote. It’s a thread to talk about how somehow we created a biological war machine to assault towers whose main weapon is something to which towers are immune.

“Bug” and “development oversight” are synonyms in my opinion. They represent rough edges that should be smoothed out. The only reason I haven’t swapped the category back to Bug Report is I know that’s an infinite back-and-forth.

Not disputing that you wrote it. I just reclassified the thread. Then the new guy decided to appear smart by being rude to me.

Absolutely agree with the point. I suspect Ironbark got the token Entangle cos that’s a green / fey thing to do. Had same last week with Freya getting the random token Freeze on her boss-damage spell.


I believe the devs went with what was easier when creating the towers, “just slap a trait making them immune to everything”, instead of trying alternatives that would make the experience more diversified. Like using “color coded” traits to make towers immune to certain effectts based on their colors, for example:

Basic Tower trait: Immune to Deathmark, Devour and Poison.
Red Tower trait: Same as Basic Tower trait but also immune to Burning.
Blue Tower trait: Same as Basic Tower trait but also immune to Freeze.
Green Tower trait: Same as Basic Tower trait but also immune to Entangle.
Yellow Tower trait: Same as Basic Tower trait but also immune to Mana Drain/Steal.
Purple Tower trait: Same as Basic Tower trait but also immune to Mana Burn.
Brown Tower trait: Same as Basic Tower trait but also immune to Stun.

Just rough examples of immunities that would be combined as the towers have at least two colors.


Wow the most common sense I’ve seen on this forum in months Razz. Get yourself down to Oz and get your application in pronto.

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He’d/she’d be rejected immediately for having common sense.


As much as i like to poke suggestions here and there (very often) i understand that some changes aren’t as simply to implement as we generally think. My rough sketch could be adopted, but then maybe there are, still, some challenges to be overcome like making these traits work properly and be easy to understood by the players. Those “reminder” boxes could be used i think, two would be enough to address the immunities of each tower. One for the basic immunities all towers have, and the other pointing each color immunity the tower you clicked have. Also some future effects that will be introduced must be considered as they can or cannot fit well inside the “Basic Tower trait” or inside the “Color Tower trait”.

Anyway let’s hope the devs consider this as “a desirable change” to give us more room for variant strategies that doesn’t revolves around one single weapon and the Siege Breaker only.

I’m a man.

Woah, let’s not jump into conclusions so quickly… some people certainly disagree on that…

I think “Oz” is short for “Australia”? I have some Aussie friends that use “STRAYA” and I’ve always liked that.

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Ah thanks, now it makes perfectly sense, i thought Maczenith meant something like contacting Ozzball for a such job application, as he was also once just a player like us. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, it’s easy to simply remove the pun.