Tower of doom (yellow) 25/03/19

Anyone any team suggestions for this week’s tower of doom. I can’t ever seem to find a thread for the current event so thought I should start one.

I am using

Divine protector
Divine Ishbala

Priest class with wolf’s banner.

I can’t see this team holding up for very long but it should be good for the lower levels. It would be interesting to see other people’s take on effective teams for this event. I understand it’s unlikely people in top guilds will share teams but not everyone is in a top guild and it’s nice to share :grin:

Happy gemming to one and all!

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Is this auto correct for Infernus? :thinking:

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Yellow will be interesting because the Yasmin pride ketras power combo is off the table. YP is still a strong option and can be used with troops like Bull Tauros who’s attack ramps up according to health. A cleanser is also a good option in doom fights. Your divine team will be fine for a while, as would a golden cog gards avatar based team but in the end its gonna be either YP or dragon eye. Gorgotha P1 is a great skull sponge in YP teams and there are a few hero classes that will keep you climbing the tower. Rune priest titan sentinel spring to mind. It’s gonna get tricky around floor 20 I reckon but there’s time to experiment before then.

Was considering a different Ubastet-based team

Crypt Keepers banner
Titan, Earth’s Fury

The fourth troop would probably be Jotnar, to take advantage of blue (and red overflow from Hellcat) and provide true damage softening for Ubastet’s spell.

Lev 40+ Sentinel with MC
Gimlet Stormbrew
Divinia (vs fully eatable rooms) or Luna (vs doom/bulette rooms).

Yellow ++/brown + banner (forgot its name; maybe the hall of guardians banner?)

Internist!! Excellent ha ha

I hadn’t noticed the auto correct there but yes, it was meant to be Infernus!

I agree that YP and Bul’Tauros are good options and maybe swapping Faunessa later on as a bit of an additional boost. I think the main issue with Ubastet teams, in these events, is that the doom is immune to lethal damage.

Ubastet will still lethal another troop if the spell causes the Doom to die though, you just need to weaken it a bit first.

Agreed, I’m going to stick with Ubastet team for as long as possible (I enjoy the carnage and mayhem the team combination brings) but ultimately I think Thevc is right, towards the end there’s not going to be much option but to switch to a team that scales with the enemy. Not nearly as fun but unfortunately necessary.


It kinda went as I expected. I don’t have uba but had few problems up to floor 15 with a fairly standard infernus team. I then switched to YP, cockatrice, herdmaster Bull Tauros using maxed rune priest with enchant on green and turn zero barrier. I have lost 2 battles, both of which because I initially used titan class and got double skulled before I could make a brown match. Herdmaster can be switched with faunessa in fights where deathmarks aren’t a factor but in the end I just stuck with herdmaster. Cockatrice is beaut at draining, entangling and feeding YP, esp with the runepriest enchant. 2 casts from Tauros kills the armour stripped enemy team while Herdy is just there to cleanse death marks. Works a treat and still unbeaten (as rune priest) on floor 34. No issues with stealth bat team either although it does take a little longer.
You can sub faunessa for HM in that fight but its unnecessary if you have the stun when skulled perk set on hero.

Easiest ToD so far :+1:


I ended up using the same team. It was fun using the divine team to start with but in the end, there was only ever going to be one team that could scale to deal the required damage!

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Buuuump!!! :wink::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m using:

  • Mang
  • Harpy Mage
  • Divine Ishbaala
  • Qilin

Basically you’ve got barrier and skulls and mana for days so you just chunk through everyone lickity split.

I still stick to irongut, but rolling with MC/sentinel, Irongut, Ethereal sentry, Gimlet this time.

Ethereal sentry is great vs bulettes and dwarves, as it can boost hero’s attack as well, not just irongut’s, and that’s helping a lot, together with gimlet’s enrage.

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How do people running an Irongut team deal with devour-immune Dooms? Do you just whittle them down with your hero via skull damage?


Itongut’s there for convenience more than anything—devouring’s faster than waiting for skull drops, but skull drops are how the dooms fall, usually XD

With any skull damage, usually not restricted to the hero. Among others, Irongut tends to have a very high attack value after devouring at least once. Note that unlike Delve this game mode doesn’t encourage you to keep troops around that have outlived their purpose during a fight.