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Tower of Doom - In-Game Guild Markers

Allow for Guilds to mark which rooms have which scrolls in-game!


It could be automatically mapped/displayed as soon as a the first player in the guild has cleared the specific room: if the devs wanted to make it convenient and user-friendly, they could have done so from the start.
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The concept was that they wanted guild members to communicate.

Not sure how that worked out.


I believe it was specifically said they didn’t want to do this, because the entire purpose was to force the extra communication within guilds. Unfortunately, in-game tools are woefully inadequate to facilitate this communication. Both my mains and alts guilds use a spreadsheet to track.

Personally, I don’t think this is quite accomplishing what they set out to. I talk to my guild if I want to discuss team builds, mechanics, give tips, or generally socialize. For Tower of Doom, I look at a spreadsheet to either get information that could have just been displayed in game or mark it manually but do these extra steps without ever directly communicating with anybody. Minus the initial setup cost of the spreadsheet from over a year ago, its exactly the same amount of communication as if the information was just displayed in-game once the room was scouted - completely indirectly. If you had to manually mark them in game based on what you got, it’d be the exact same amount of effort as well (which sort of highlights how silly the whole thing is, since manually marking rooms would also in itself just be extra work from having them automatically marked them after they are cleared, since there are very few ways to deduce what is in a room other than process of elimination for boss, luck, and heroism scrolls).

Of course, they probably don’t see it this way, so I wouldn’t expect any change.


That is often an excuse found in many games when devs are unwilling to implement a feature: surely if they want to improve communication they would have better guild chat features, with screenshots and information repositories.
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Il suffit d’inscrire ces salles dans l’Annonce de Guilde ( encadré bleu ) nous le faisons et cà fonctionne même pas mal

“Please COMMUNICATE… just not in the game’s own chat service, which is horrible for communication history because it deletes messages and nothing is separated.”


We post our Doom info in the in-game guild chat. Works great and we are consistently in the top 20-25…

Uh, do you somehow have people who don’t communicate at all or post teams, etc.? Because chat history only lasts for so long before it’s lost. I can’t even scroll back to the beginning of this morning’s chat. I once tried posting 25 floors of info and by the time got to the last floors, the first ones were gone.


Bonjour , un jour j’ai du publier sur 3 canal et çà a fonctionner , simplement dire aux membres les canaux utilisés sur le Chat de Guide , depuis je le fais de temps en temps

Bang on. Guild chat is unfit for purose because the cache is way too small. Your best bet is to avoid all communication other than mapping info during doom week so that (hopefully) most folks will get to see it. Similarly, xbox chat groups for pets and other stuff constantly fail so that’s another dead end. The devs want comms but many many players (except top guilds) don’t want to know. Some may have visited the global honour trade frenzy and thought what’s the point? A total fail to encourage chat. The suggestion to mark completed rooms is excellent. We shouldn’t need to frantically attempt to post what we’ve scouted on ill equipped chat channels (wasting more time) in a forlorn hope to help the guild as a whole. The chat platform is completely inadequate for that purpose.


I feel like there must be too many people sharing nonsense if you can’t see the beginning of the days chat… The in-game chat is a game specific tool… a couple people share a team they believe will beat lvl 400 doom. One line of text per floor of doom… If they are talking about anything else during doom week, tell them to stop. If someone wants to tell you their whole life story, they can use discord, ps message, or another app. Our chat history has info from the last two dooms still…

That… entirely defeats the purpose of having a “chat” at all. It’s not called “Doom Tower Chat.” How dare people socialize or talk about anything else in the ONE guild chatroom we get? Are you serious? Your solution is literally “don’t chat” ? LOL

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No. My solution is, there are a half-dozen other ways to chat. You need to decide whether you want a coordinated and successful doom or if you want to hear that someone ate cereal for breakfast for the 100th time… You can even create a new chat channel and tell the guild to keep the guild channel specific to doom and socialize in the alternative channel.

The best way to communicate ToD floor plans is by using discord. My guild used guild chat before we heard of discord and it was very doable. You just need to have a plan and someone to coordinate implementing that plan.

I completely agree with the sentiment that you need to communicate in order to succeed, but it would be nice if there was an in-game tool to help facilitate that communication easier. Everything just gets lost and buried in guild chat. My guild just has a separate xbot chat purely for ToD info only, then one of our dedicated players translates that into a master list.

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Rofl. Love this…or increase guild chat cache.


Comedy genius how you’ve phrased this.

@danielacton1. The xbox chat groups are notoriously unreliable and most folks don’t want a discord app on their phone because of the failings of in game chat and xbox chat. Which kinda is the problem. It’s great that the devs wish to increase chat participation but to support that ideology I really think they need to increase the cache size significantly to support doom week. I reckon a fourfold increase would do it but that means significant server hardware investment.