Tower of Doom has been going on for a year now

Regardless of activity level or whether or not the player grinds 10 floors or 100.
The biggest complaint I hear is…
The ridiculous amount of true damage that the ToD defenses can do.
If I hear the complaints, then it’s safe to assume the devs hear it as well.

Floor 25+ of this week’s Tower of Doom

Thanks for listening, devs. :grinning:

(The other room is negative status effect based. The other that can kill you instantly from skull damage.)

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My guess is that it is the Devs attempt to keep Guilds from doing Ridiculous amounts of Dooms. Without True Damage dealers, Guilds might exceed “healthy” amounts of play-times and finish with 3500 Dooms vanquished upon event completion.

Troops stop scaling though and number of dooms means more gems spent, with the only reason to do so be the rewards which almost never offset the gem cost.

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3 days later: I made it to the 25th floor.

Now, Standard Orc Procedure (SOP) calls for a Fireball cast on the Undead buggers that either have Wall of Bones, Bone Dragon, or Grave Seer as the Unlock Room, or Heroism to bypass said rooms when no more Fireballs remain on the TO&E (Thingamajigs, Orcs, and Equipment).

However, no such rooms exist this time, and these rooms pose no threat to an Orc of such great skill as Chunky Mono. Unless and until Potion Master starts chaining Green Gem explosions with Skull Cascades that make 4 matches…

TL;DR…while we can all agree Orcses is da best, even they lose on occasion. I propose that Fireball and Heroism be made a fire for effect, last-ditch Broken Arrow counter measure to be used by the last troop prior to his expiration. “Kill the Valraven, and its allies. Let none escape!”

For the Horde.