Tower of Doom and New Class?

My questions are related to the Game developers rational on the choices this week and last. To keep it simple I will start with the ToD question:

Why are we doing a second round of Brown ToD when Green and Yellow haven’t been done yet?

Why did you release the Urskaya class (Sentinel) when there are many much older kingdoms still awaiting classes? I know the classes are not specifically released in order by age but Urskaya is the 6th most recent kingdom released 14 Jul 2017 yet Grosh-Nak released 24 Aug 2015 almost 2 years before still doesn’t have a class.

These game direction choices don’t make any sense to me.

For reference here are the kingdom releases from Grosh-Nak onwards:
24 Aug 2015 Grosh-Nak Troops: 18 Class: None
16 Oct 2015 Wild Plains Troops: 20 Class: Shaman
09 Dec 2015 Darkstone Troops: 24 Class: None
09 Mar 2016 Drifting Sands Troops: 19 Class: None
09 Mar 2016 Blighted Lands Troops: 18 Class: None
26 May 2016 Glacial Peaks Troops: 18 Class: Frost Mage
27 Jul 2016 Leonis Empire Troops: 19 Class: Warpriest
16 Sep 2016 Dragon’s Claw Troops: 17 Class: Dragonguard
11 Nov 2016 Blckhawk Troops: 18 Class: None
20 Jan 2017 Silverglade Troops: 13 Class: None
14 Apr 2017 Suncrest Troops: 15 Class: None
14 Jul 2017 Urskaya Troops: 14 Class: Sentinel
20 Oct 2017 Merlantis Troops: 17 Class: None
29 Jan 2018 Bright Forest Troops: 15 Class: None
16 Feb 2018 Shentang Troops: 14 Class: None
11 May 2018 Dhrak-Zum Troops: 12 Class: None
24 Aug 2018 Sin of Maraj Troops: 8 Class: None


The class thing, we can toss up to design. In the sense that class is probably what they were working on most recently. The Doom thing does seem pretty odd though.

Because its all arbitrary?

Put it another way, its only the third class to have the Stone talent tree. Could they have released a second one using the Chaos tree, yes.

The next class, Plaguelord, will have both Stone and Chaos. It is promised to be released on March 29.


Excellent. That will be OP lol.


The new class is powerful for sure but kind of makes dawn bringer redundant. The grind for that weapon was significant and the new class gives newer players a chance to enjoy the barrier perk coupled with many titan boosts while offering the flexibility of utilising an alternative weapon. I appreciate that coming up with new class perks and traits can’t be easy but everything is thrown at us from the development drawing board so frequently now that there are bound to be oversights and misjudgements that manifest themselves in general play. It’s all a bit much and things need to slow down a little. I cannot comprehend how the spell of the latest troop Baila was ever likely to be popular amongst high wars bracket players who are now likely to face it without a realistic counter option. The mind boggles

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