Tower of doom alts

Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere but I cannot find anything on it…
When we play guild wars if we’re not full and someone joins midweek they cannot contribute any points. However the same cannot be said for Tower of Doom & I have seen screen shots of people putting Alts in their guilds to gain more points. Is this allowed? I know the devs will say ‘it doesn’t make a difference’ well it does. The guilds in 2nd, 3rd & 4th on PS4 at the moment only have 3 points between them all and it’s the difference of 100 gems. It won’t affect my guild personally but it’s pretty crappy to be doing that!
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I’ve seen players admit to putting alt accounts into their guild in order to boost doom ouput. In all honesty I don"t think it’s fair, it should be the same ruling as guild wars.

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This has been discussed before

The devs didnt think it was a problem :man_shrugging:

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What a surprise :roll_eyes: