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Total Souls Required to Max Out Everything (Current as of 7/26/2016)

I figured it out, but thanks. :relieved:

At vip rank 5 troops start at level 5. So how many souls would it take at that vip level to level all troops to level 20. By extension of a previous question at vip rank 8 troops start at level 10 so at that vip level how many souls would it take to get to level 20 for all troops. I have done math topics before but there is no way i am going to touch a math problem like this as it will dishearten me unlike the topics i have done that gave me hope.

As I stated earlier, the level 5 base level reduces the total soul cost by 2 to 2.5%, and the level 10 base level reduces the price by around 19%.


i did not want percents i wanted cold hard big numbers to sink my teeth into.

Then maybe you should break out your calculator.



Make up your mind. Instead of wasting electrons asking for something you immediately decry as depressing, fill the space with useful commentary, or nothing at all.


Sometimes I find the dichotomy of his posts entertaining, so that counts for something :slight_smile:


Many of the older players on PC/Mobile should have already gotten there.
I’m hoarding several hundred thousands extra surplus at the moment…
The only thing stopping me from maxing everything out isn’t soul. Instead, it’s because I don’t have enough cards for ascension for some of the new monsters.


While I can’t verify all the levels, 2 and 6 are right, and the grand total from 1 to 20 is also correct

For anyone wondering 100% armor bonus and VIP 10 gives a max of 120 souls in PVP (130 when grinding challenges (not including challenge rewards for uncompleted challenges))

VIP 10 info is rather misleading though cause at VIP (either 8 or 9 (too lazy to check)) all your new troops will start out at level 10 (mine do))

Great guide @Phaethon it’s good info to have for the point of view knowing exactly how much overall grinding needs to be done

If possible (when time allows) can you expand it to show the requirements for the VIP levels that allow troops to start at level 5 and 10 respectively?

Keep up the good work


I posted this after only reading the first 15-20 comments and apologize for requesting points already inquired to, sorry again thanks for understanding

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Shouldn’t you be able to get more? Armor + vip 10 + Warlord IV on a challenge?

I can get 130 Souls with only VIP 2 (on Warlord IV). So you might want to double check the VIP 10 Bonus (I don’t know what it is).

well only missing 2 of the mythics. everything else is max level - granted not all are max rarity yet, but getting pretty close. :slight_smile: i have the souls for the missing levels already :smiley:

@Shiratori, @Strat

Sorry I usually don’t play on warlord settings as difficulty does not apply to PVP, and I like to keep things consistent.

120 is the figure with just VIP 10 and a 100% armor
I got my 130 number cause that’s what I get using the 2nd lowest difficulty (the lowest after easy)

120 is the most practical figure for me as it’s the most you can earn in PVP which grinds other things so is the most practical place to grind

It would be nice if someone could show how many 8 win runs with VIP 10 and 100% armor bonuses are needed from the arena (if you’re very talented it does give the highest souls/time invested) if I’m not mistaken I think this number should be 1500/8 wins (this can be buffed further via difficulty but IMO the added time need to get 8 wins on Warlord IV (and considering the times you’ll drop out sooner to the advantage you give) it’s not worth playing difficulty above hard (or possibly Warlord I) as in the time you complete 3 cycles at Warlord IV you could’ve shot down 5 hard cycles which would net more souls

I don’t have the VIP 10 bonus number in front of me since I can’t pull up the game.

Plus Arena is glitched on console.


VIP bonus is 100% (I’m positive of this) so with the armor bonus at 100% you have a (x3) bonus (of course the initial reward is 100% (x1))

The soul cap is 40 souls and 40x3=120 so that figure for PVP (which doesn’t allow difficulty bonuses) with the listed bonuses are correct (it is also correct with said bonuse elsewhere when playing on easy)

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And it’s 125% for souls on Warlord 4 so 425% or 170 souls cap per match.



I’ve done my first run throught in challenges (for the bonus souls) on Warlord IV and 170 is indeed what I believe I got

No worries. I should have updated the original post with the VIP reductions. I’m actually gonna go ahead and do that now.

And thanks for the vote of encouragement. :smirk: