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Total Souls Required to Max Out Everything (Current as of 7/26/2016)

So… I decided to crunch some numbers due to my morbid curiosity. This list accounts all troops total souls to max out, considering their base rarity, but factoring them at highest ascension (all at level 20).

  • There are three (3) Mythics at 7,930 souls each = 23,790.
  • There are 32 Legendaries at 6,855 souls per troop = 219,360.
  • There are 59 Epics at 6,145 souls apiece = 362,555.
  • There are 39 Ultra-Rares at 5,465 souls individually = 213,135.
  • There are 50 Rares at 4,885 souls per unit = 244,250.
  • Finally, (for troops) there are 34 Commons at 4,365 respectively = 148,410.

Additionally, there are nine (9) Hero Classes, requiring 4,100 souls to max separately; equaling 36,900.

In summation, at its current state, Gems of War solicits 1,248,400 to ultimately level everything possible.

If it is easier on the eyes (Thanks for the suggestion/chart, @AnalSwordfish):

Unit        Qty   Souls     Product
====        ===   =====     =======
Mythic        3   7,930      23,790
Legendary    32   6,855     219,360
Epic         59   6,145     362,555
Ultra-Rare   39   5,465     213,135
Rare         50   4,885     244,250
Common       34   4,365     148,410
Hero          9   4,100      36,900
Total                     1,248,400

VIP Reduction

The following stats are assuming you take the VIP plunge before even starting to play the game/open chests. At VIP Level 5, all new troops start at level 5, reducing the total cost by roughly 2 to 2.5%. At VIP Level 8, all new troops start at level 10, reducing the soul requirement by roughly 19 to 20%.

The present soul cap, before bonuses, is 40 per game. Realistically, you shouldn’t even be reading this. You should be farming souls! They don’t call it end-game for nothing.

Have a fun! :slight_smile:

This did take a bit to complete as I had to keep going back and forth between tabs and the calculator (I’m no mathlete, so I couldn’t do all the computations mentally, unfortunately), but should be relatively easy to update from here on out. So, if you guys (colloquialism… I know you aren’t all male) want me to update every week, I don’t have a problem doing so.

Gems of War Database Thanks, @Lyya
Gems of War Wikia Thanks to all those that contribute to the Wikia.


Wonder what percentage will complete this. Its enough for me to realise I will never get there.

Wait so how many stars can you get from each kingdom if you manage to level each troop of their kingdom and i would prefer to request you keep this up to date as much as possible.

There’s many I think Robert. Several in my guild have all troops leveled up. But it’s kind of a catch-22. On one hand it’s nice to not have to worry about souls, but on the other it’s one less thing pertaining to the game that we have to look forward too.


I just got there :+1:

Only 20k surplus


Sounds like it will be difficult to keep end gamers happy without making everyone else feel like it is a lost cause

Awesome math! It only takes 15,223 matches with Valkyrie, earning an 80 soul reward (my cap at VIP 2 & dragon armor), to reach this!*

*Not including rewards from challenges or tasks

80 is the complete maximum possible in a given match?

Yes, your souls gained in a given match cap out at 80 (which generally translates to about 3 casts of Valk’s spell on Warlord I difficulty). Completing challenges gives you souls as part of the reward which aren’t counted in this 80 limit.

No. It’s 40*bonus which comes from difficulty, armor, and VIP bonuses.


Yeah, I get 120 with two casts from Valkyrie, with my armor and vip.

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If someone bought the VIP level that starts all your new troops at level 10… how much would it reduce this figure?

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Hmm, wasn’t aware of this I thought it was just a hard cap of 80. I knew VIP gave a higher soul % but I thought that only counted up to a hard cap of 80, my mistake.

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So Valkyries trait for 50% bonus souls is only counted up to the initial 40 souls and then capped?

That is quite wasteful, no need for that trait!

It means you need less Valkyrie casts. I can hit the cap with 2 castings.

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Do you tend to only need 2 casts during matches? Id say I always do more

Very true. VIP 5 likewise offers a bonus too.

When I’m getting 12 souls per casting? 2 works.

Considering each troop is worth 250 Power Level points at max, a kingdom with 8 troops would total 2,000 PL points; enough to get you to 2 Gold Stars. But many kingdoms have more than 8 troops, so this is subjective from kingdom to kingdom.

Sorry I meant regardless of soul farming I would use Valkyrie more than twice each match for mana charging/control