Total image of the game in its full development

After 5 years of developing GoW I’d like to know - how specific, how exact the developers see the game in its full development. We all know that there will be 3 more Invasions (because 3 troop types do not have siegebreakers yet), 8 more Boss Raids, 5 more hero classes, 19 more factions. And something more which cannot appear in spoilers (like tokens, badges and medals in 4.5, for instance). That’s much to come and change the current “game feeling”, so to say.

Just an assumption: 19 more factions will be added in 95 weeks, it’s about 2 years from now, so on 7th GoW anniversary we’ll have more than 100 troops each week + 19x4 = 76 troops in factions + 19 bounty hunters + some new mythics and legendaries, about 200 new troops, maybe near to 1000 in total (another date to celebrate, BTW).

I believe that the most whole image is held by Sirrian and Nimhain. I also remember that I asked Sirrian about how far ahead he plans the development, and he answered “about half a year”. So there is no 100% game image for even the lead devs, just about 80-85%.

Why am I trying to look in future? Because as a player that already spent about 2 years in the game and not planning to finish with it in near future (only Warlords V may distract me from GoW), I’d like to be somewhat sure that the game will remain consistent and easy to start. I also remember that 2 years ago the game was much easier, and even at those times there were some non-evident things (like how you’d better spend your glory and diamonds).

Sorry for any not very clear thoughts, I just want the game to be as good as it is now, or even better.